Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It feels like Winter!

The weather is definitely turning cold-- appropriate for this time of year.

Libi has been getting a lot of use out of her "Hoth" jacket as she and Ron call it. (Ron pointed out to Libi that it looked like the coats that the rebel alliance wore during their time on the planet Hoth.)

One of our almost nightly rituals is talking to Jammy and Granpa on the phone. Some days Libi is more talkative than others, but one thing happens every time they talk...

an "I love you" kiss to the phone...

and then we hand it back to Mommy to wrap up the conversation.

OK folks-- no judgment, but I still have Halloween decorations up. I simply am not in the Christmas mood this year. If I didn't have a very sweet little girl in the house I probably wouldn't put Christmas up at all. Not trying to be a Grinch-- just being honest.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting back to a routine...

After a holiday break it is always hard to get back into a cooking routine, so happily Ron took the family to Chili's for dinner.

While we waited for our entrees he and Libi indulged me in a silly photo shoot.

When we got home it was Libi's turn with the camera. She took this lovely photo of our messy family room. Note that Modern Family is on the TV-- we have lots of friends who have raved about this show so we had to try it. I've never seen Ron laugh so hard at a TV show. Very enjoyable, appropriate for the whole family, good clean fun!

I have been loving my Slanket lately as our home has been getting a little chilly on these Fall evenings.

One final look at our silly girl-- this time from Mommy's perspective.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homeward Bound

This morning while Libi watched Playhouse Disney-- Ron and I loaded the car.

Granpa and Pop had already left for home to try to avoid as much traffic as they could.

A few family photos for Jammy...

and then it was time to hit the road.

Without Tobee we were able to actually sit down to lunch on the way home.

This looks way better than any fast food we would be getting!

Ron and I each got different sandwiches so we could try more of the menu.

Libi stuck to chicken fingers and she really enjoyed them!

While none of us rode the bull (even though Ron offered for me to try it) Libi wanted a photo with it.

Here is Libs trying to look like the Big Bubba cow.

The sign told us to :)

Libs fought nap time for a bit...

At one point on the drive I looked back and saw this...

Our little skater girl fast asleep.

While the hat is cute-- it's not helping her hair.

When we stopped for gas...

Ron took these sweet pictures of Libs.

As we headed south the weather went from this...

to cloudy, cold, and snow-capped in the Grape Vine.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Exploring the best of Nor Cal

This morning we were all excited to head to a Stockton must---

Bob's for brunch!!!

Libi is probably the only person who could ask Guy to make her a Little Mermaid pancake-- and he would actually try to do it.

Libi and Guy are special friends :)

She is now a fan of sitting at the counter and watching all of the action.

While we were waiting for our meal Libi told Daddy about our adventures last night.

Ariel looked a bit like a whale, but I don't think I could have done any better.

After brunch we caravaned out to a little winery in north Lodi.

They really do up their holiday decorations...

I mean REALLY do up their decorations!!

There were many fancy things to look at-- not to mention one cute little girl.

They also have an armoire that they have turned into a giant music box with guitars, drums, keyboard, and a bunch of other instruments.

Ron and I enjoyed one of the many songs it played.

Before we left we found one more really cool holiday decoration...

and some really neat leaves. While Libi went home with Jammy, Granpa and Pop for naptime Ron and I headed to Sacramento for a little date.

Our first stop was to the mall so we could hit the Disney Store to find a Tangled dress for later this week.

Our next stop was Old Towne Sacramento.

Ron had never been here-- so it was fun to show him around (even though I hadn't been there since junior high school.)

It was raining by the time we left...

but that didn't stop me from taking a few photos from the car.

Our beautiful capitol building in the mist.

As we drove home the sun broke through the clouds-- it was a very nice afternoon.

While Ron and I were on our adventure Libi and the boys were on their own...

assembling a foam house that Jammy bought.

I guess it was more of a project than they expected..

but they seemed to enjoy it none the less.