Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No smoothies???

Today is the annual Turkey Bowl at Rio Norte. Libi and I weren't able to go last year since it was at the same time as her SCLP feast. This year things worked out perfectly so Libi and I were able to do both!

On the way to Ron's school we pulled into McDonald's to grab lunch for us all. We don't often go to this particular McDonald's as it's on the other side of town. Libi requested a Happy Meal with a wild berry smoothie to drink. (She and I are both in love with those darn things!)

At the ordering window I made the request and was told that they don't sell smoothies at that location. I turned around to explain it to Libs and her quick response was, "DAMMIT!!!!"

I was shocked!!!! We don't really say that around our home so I'm not sure where it came from, but I guess if there's a bright side-- she did use it correctly!!!

It was the coldest Turkey Bowl on record so we had to bundle up.

Libs just loves seeing all of Daddy's students and getting to hang out with them.

Daddy loves his announcing job!

The shiny trophy,

lots of action,

and the yearbook kids preserving it all on their cameras....

made it exciting for me, but after about five minutes Libi was bored!

Thus began lots of creative play with the blanket.

Such a silly (and creative) gal!

Buy the end the wind was picking up so Libi headed to lower ground. I thought it was quite clever to use her chair as a pillow!

As the final act of the game, Libi was allowed to talk to the kids on the microphone. Once she got rolling Ron had to pry it out of her hands.

Happily a PE teacher offered to take a family photo so you can see our purple pride. (You see the two teams are red and blue and Ron as a 7th grade team and the announcer is supposed to be impartial. So blue and red make purple-- the color of the day! FYI my hubby looks pretty handsome in a purple shirt and cap!)

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