Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It feels like Winter!

The weather is definitely turning cold-- appropriate for this time of year.

Libi has been getting a lot of use out of her "Hoth" jacket as she and Ron call it. (Ron pointed out to Libi that it looked like the coats that the rebel alliance wore during their time on the planet Hoth.)

One of our almost nightly rituals is talking to Jammy and Granpa on the phone. Some days Libi is more talkative than others, but one thing happens every time they talk...

an "I love you" kiss to the phone...

and then we hand it back to Mommy to wrap up the conversation.

OK folks-- no judgment, but I still have Halloween decorations up. I simply am not in the Christmas mood this year. If I didn't have a very sweet little girl in the house I probably wouldn't put Christmas up at all. Not trying to be a Grinch-- just being honest.

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