Saturday, November 13, 2010

The day I've been dreading...

Today we didn't do much of anything, we have all been in a holding pattern waiting for word about Nana.

Tonight at around 11 p.m. we got word that Nana had passed away. It was quick and quiet-- all that we could have hoped for.

My Nana was one of the most incredible women I have ever met!

She and my Pop had been married over 60 years and they had known each other since childhood.

They had my father in Portland and then bravely moved to Southern California where they knew no one.

They were Disney folks :) Nana told great stories of walking through the park and seeing Walt Disney there.

When I was a kid Nana's house was one of my favorite places to go! She let me wear all her clothes, shoes, and jewelry. She let me make awful concoctions in her kitchen using flour, spices, and water... and then she'd pretend to eat them and rave about them!!!!

We spent lots of time at Disneyland together....

there is a memory of Nana everywhere there!

She and Pop did all sorts of fun things with me!

We traveled together to Tehachapi, Burrego, Scotsdale, and

fishing at June Lake.

We spent lots of happy summer and fall days on the lake fishing, talking, and laughing!

Nana was very modest and was never a fan of having her photo taken. I have tons of shots similar to this one-- typically Nana!

While I'm so sad about losing Nana, I'm so happy that I got to have her at my high school and college graduations,

my wedding,

and that she was able to see her great-granddaughter.

She adored Libi!!!

The two of them were fast friends.

There were lots of special things that they did together. Looking at pictures,

playing music LOUDLY!!!!

eating dessert before lunch, or eating cookies on the couch, or getting to be picky with her food,

Drawing, Play-doh, blocks, dolls, you name it, Nana had it for Libi and they played it together!

We spent nearly every Wednesday with Nana and Pop for lunch...

since Libi was a few weeks old and the two of them were very close.

Nana used to worry when Libi was little-- she often asked if Libi knew who she and Pop were.

On the weeks when Nana was ill and we couldn't have lunch together Libi was sad. I can't even imagine how we will tell her!

We love you Nana and you will be greatly missed!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Again, Heather, so sorry for the loss of your beloved Nana! God bless!