Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lots of time changes...

Today the clocks fell back-- which really screwed us up!!! We were already three hours ahead then one hour back, heaven only knows what time it is :)

While we were away a big box of costumes that I got on clearance arrived at the house. This morning we broke one out for Libi to try. Our little Queen Amidala danced through the house and showed off her costume.

That afternoon we had about a dozen yearbook kids at our house for a work party...

the kids enjoyed our wi-fi, pizza, chips and drinks.

Libi loved entertaining all of them.

I ran out for a bit to see Nana in the hospital. She is feeling a bit better, but prayers are still needed.

Libi has been craving studio time, so while the yearbook kids were downstairs she and I escaped upstairs.

I decided to see if she could cut along the dotted line. I drew a triangle and a rectangle for her to cut.

For her first time, I think she did beautifully!!!


She's just about ready to scrapbook :)

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