Monday, November 22, 2010

Can I give you a hand?

It was another mellow Monday. I should have been taking down our Fall decor (OK, it's actually Halloween stuff) and putting up Christmas, but I'm not yet in the mood.

Libi and Tobee have been "playing" lots lately-- and Tobee must still sense a disturbance in the force because she's been very tolerant of Libi's antics!

In the evening Libi and I did some painting.

I painted her hand five different times to make cards, so it was only fair that she be allowed to paint my hand once :)

She has always loved her artwork-- she gets that from Nana and Grammy! My hand print turkey didn't turn out so well, but Libi's looked darling!

Add a beak, eye, and legs and you have the perfect Libi turkey!

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