Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting back to a routine...

After a holiday break it is always hard to get back into a cooking routine, so happily Ron took the family to Chili's for dinner.

While we waited for our entrees he and Libi indulged me in a silly photo shoot.

When we got home it was Libi's turn with the camera. She took this lovely photo of our messy family room. Note that Modern Family is on the TV-- we have lots of friends who have raved about this show so we had to try it. I've never seen Ron laugh so hard at a TV show. Very enjoyable, appropriate for the whole family, good clean fun!

I have been loving my Slanket lately as our home has been getting a little chilly on these Fall evenings.

One final look at our silly girl-- this time from Mommy's perspective.

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