Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday lunch and dinner

Today was our first Wednesday lunch without Nana.

On the drive in Libi was strangely quiet. When I asked her what was wrong she simply said, "I miss Nana!" I was feeling the same way on our drive in.

It was really nice to have Granpa at lunch to help keep our minds off the fact that Nana won't be at lunch again!

Libi has been fascinated with numbers lately calling out speed limits as we drive down the road! Pop must be psychic because today he gave her a calculator of her very own!!!

Granpa showed her how to work it....

and Pop got big hugs!!!

Life continues-- Libi did her usual at lunch. Playing with her toys, coloring pictures, and dancing through the living room.

After nap and getting lost we made it to Aunt Violet's 25th Birthday celebration.

We ate a yummy Russian meal made by Irena

and ate Trader Joe's desserts!

There was tons of giggling!

Grampy was the only one missing at the party-- too bad he had to tutor tonight.

We love Aunt Violet and were so honored that she invited us to help her ring in her 25th year!

Presents were followed by...

balloon play! A good time was had by all!

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