Sunday, November 28, 2010

Homeward Bound

This morning while Libi watched Playhouse Disney-- Ron and I loaded the car.

Granpa and Pop had already left for home to try to avoid as much traffic as they could.

A few family photos for Jammy...

and then it was time to hit the road.

Without Tobee we were able to actually sit down to lunch on the way home.

This looks way better than any fast food we would be getting!

Ron and I each got different sandwiches so we could try more of the menu.

Libi stuck to chicken fingers and she really enjoyed them!

While none of us rode the bull (even though Ron offered for me to try it) Libi wanted a photo with it.

Here is Libs trying to look like the Big Bubba cow.

The sign told us to :)

Libs fought nap time for a bit...

At one point on the drive I looked back and saw this...

Our little skater girl fast asleep.

While the hat is cute-- it's not helping her hair.

When we stopped for gas...

Ron took these sweet pictures of Libs.

As we headed south the weather went from this...

to cloudy, cold, and snow-capped in the Grape Vine.

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