Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank you Mr. Bill

My Uncle was very involved at his church! The preschool class there made this bulletin board for him which was in the hall where the luncheon was served. It was so nice to know that we weren't the only ones who thought he was a special guy!

I was an emotional wreck during the service (and it was in a church) so there aren't any photos from it.

Libi was a trooper-- she didn't really understand what was happening at Grandmom's services in April, but she really understood today.

She spent her time delivering tissues to Mom, Dad, myself, and anyone else who needed it.

Lots of work colleagues and old friends came to the service, which was so nice. This is one of his oldest friends from high school with Aunt Linda.

It was nice to introduce Libi to some of those folks who had only seen her in pictures.

Mom's cousin Debbie came-- she was also at Grandmom's service. These two gals have such great memories of growing up together.

Aunt Lori and I got a cute picture together-- she's so wonderful!

Here are the remaining Harrigan kids-- Linda, Bill and Helen.

A spouse picture with Mitch, Lisa and Eric.

Lori's family and ours-- forever bonded by Uncle Bill!

Some family pictures-- might as well since everyone looked so nice :) Aunt Linda and Uncle Mitch....

Uncle Ed, Aunt Lisa, Elizabeth and Morgan...

the cousins-- Liz, Morgan, me and Libi....

Dad, me, Libs and Mom.

All of Lori's nieces and nephews were there-- Uncle Bill considered them his own.

In the evening we had a family dinner at Aunt Linda's.

Libi loved playing with their dogs....

and eating the lasagna! We loved the chance to sit and reminisce about Uncle Bill and what he meant to us.

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