Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A day of happy...

Libi went to school today and I wasn't sure if she would say anything about Nana. When they sat down to do calendar Libi raised her hand and said to the class, "My Nana got sick. She went to heaven and God kissed her and made her better, but I'm sad about it." That, my friends, is the way I feel too!

Because we all needed a bit of happy we decided to head to the happiest place on Earth...


There were lots of characters out today: Gepetto,


Mickey Mouse,

and Pluto.

We got a happy little family portrait in front of...

the massive Christmas tree.

We headed to the back of the park...

to check out Small World Holiday.

Sadly the ride broke down!

However, we did get some cool shots while we waited for them to (unsuccessfully) repair it.

We were able to get great seats for the parade!

I am a huge fan of this parade (Ron could take it or leave any parade!!!)

Libi waved to every single character that passed by: Tigger,

ice skating Mickey and Minnie,

Clarabelle and the gingerbread (her favorite in the show),

and all of the princesses!

Santa and the reindeer wrapped up the parade and then we were off to...

scope out a spot for the fireworks.

I have a new favorite spot for the winter show-- along the rivers of America!

You get a great view of the fireworks,

Big Thunder Mountain and the Mark Twain are in your pictures, AND

it snows on you!!!!

Yes, they now have snow over in this section of the park. Amazing!!!

On our way to the car Ron got a few stellar shots of the castle!

It looks amazing this time of year!

Thank you Ron for taking us for a day of happy!

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