Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Hour Tuesday

Libs and I did lots of running around today. We went to the mall so I could find some jeans for the big trip. While we were shopping in Lane Bryant Libs was being a trooper. Until she noticed some mannequins that they were re-dressing on the floor. She then decided to get up from her stroller and explore. This was bad all the way around because she was the counter weight for the backpack that was hanging off the back of the stroller-- when she got up the stroller capsized right onto the sales girl who was helping me. Luckily she was able to catch the stroller before it caused too much damage! My darling little girl looked up at the sales girl and said, "Sorry lady!" then she climed back in the stroller. As we were leaving the store the sales girl complimented me on my polite and darling little girl!! Whew!!!
Since Lou still has a cough that will not go away we decided to head to Dr. Vashistha's office to get it checked out! While waiting (for over an hour) Libi found a new friend named Michael. Daddy had to break up their freindship when he began kissing our daughter-- he was not a happy man after this incident!!! The funniest thing was to watch her covet the lollipops that the kids who had completed their appointment were brining out. You could almost see the angel and devil on her shoulders as she wondered if she could grab them wihtout anyone noticing!Thank goodness for iPhones as they helped to keep Libs busy during the long wait. Once we got into the exam room Libi decided to demonstrate...

the "Shimmy Shake" by the Wiggles.

I'm happy to report that the doctor believes her cough to be allergies and he says she is in excellent health! She didn't cry or scream while being examined, she just told the doctor "No!" when he was trying to look in her ears.In the evening I left Ron and Libi at home for a much needed MNO (Mom's Night Out!!!!!) My MOPS group went to Clarice's Candy Shoppe to learn how to make sugar eggs.I took the class last year and wanted to bring some friends this year. I was lucky enough to be joined by Lara and Dolly in addition to my MOPS pals Debbie and Claire. Here you can see the garden scene that I put inside my egg.Here is my finished product!!! It came out much better than last years. I can't wait to do it agian next year and see what I come up with!I developed quite a reputation in my two hour long class. I used more star tips for decorating then anyone else. I just had to have my picture taken with my favorite decorating tools!

Afterwards Dolly, Lara and I went for drinks at the Canyon Country Chili's. It was nice to cap off the evening blowing off steam and chatting with the girls! I'm not quite sure what the two of them did while I was having fun....but they look happy!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A day on the farm!!

Today we went to Underwood Family Farms to pick strawberries!!!We each had a box to fill, but it was more fun for Libi to pick one, take a bite and then put them in her basket.I made sure that all of the half eaten berries were enjoyed before we hopped back on the tractor-- it wouldn't be any fun to take those home.Libs must have thought it was a buffet because she sat down and helped herself!!!You can see the evidence of yummy berries all over her face, and sweater, and pants!!!After a short break for snack we were on to see the animals. When Amy came over to crop tonight she asked Libi what she saw on the farm and she responded, "A honkey!" My best guess is that she meant the donkey!!A really big first for the day was Libs first pony ride!!!! She did so well holding on, except for the few times she patted the ponies head and said, "Nice pony!" How sweet!While playing on the wooden train she snagged and tore her pants. This new look went perfectly with all of the dust and dirt she picked up while playing all over the farm.We ended the day in the kiddie playground. Libs enjoyed the sandbox, the slide and this John Deere tractor.We had such a good time! It is so nice to have such a big girl who can help me when I'm in charge of field trips or events, but it's sad all the same.We purchased some produce from the farm stand before we left. Libi had asked for an apple for the ride home, but after we bought some carrots she insisted on eating one in the car. She is totally Ron's daughter-- "Silly Libi carrots are for bunnies!"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time with the Limons!

We had planned on a very low-key day today as it is our last family day at home before a busy week and an East Coast trip (for Ron and I!) We got a call early this morning that cousin Logan was in town and wanted to have lunch with the family.So we all got dressed and headed down to Aunt Ann-Marie and Uncle Hugo's house for some play time and lunch!

Cousin Bridget was so nice to give Libs a push on her swing set. She is so good at sharing her toys!It was such a nice day to be outside-- we all enjoyed the sun!During lunch the kids all sat at a table together-- the poor "big" cousins had to eat with the little girls.

Libs treated us all to an impromptu concert on Bridget's fancy piano!After her fabulous song our little pianist posed for a picture with cousin Logan.What a nice day with some of Ron's family....

until it was time to go home. Miss Libi threw the king of all tantrums and had to be forcibly placed in the car. I couldn't resist taking this video-- she'll love me when she's older :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hiking around L.A.

I recently found a group called Mommy Adventure Club. It is a business run by a Mommy named Carrie who plans trips to cool events around Southern California. This was kinda what I thought Mom's Club was going to be-- before that ended up as two trips to the same park a week.On our drive down I asked Libi what kind of animals we were going to see. I primed her by saying that we were going to the forest where bunnies, deer, and birds live. Then came my question again-- what are we going to see, to which Libs responded, "Elephants!!!!" I guess I need to work on forest animals some more!
When we exited the freeway Libi exclaimed, "That's amazing!!!" I'm not sure what she saw but this was the first time I have heard her say this-- it was pretty cute!
This week Libi and I decided to go on a nature hike with the group while Ron did UCLA interviews. We had a great docent from the Children's Nature Institute and we went to Tree People's Park which I had never been to before. It's located at the top of Coldwater Canyon right before you dip into Beverly Hills.Despite talking about leaving the trail the same way you found it, Miss Libs picked these flowers just to get a better sniff.When the kids started getting tired we stopped for story time. We read a bug story called "Beetle Bop!" Christina (our guide) actually gave the kids a vote for either that book or a froggy book--- about halfway through the book Libi yelled out, "Froggy book!" I guess that she was done with learning about bugs.Coincidentally immediately when we finished the book we found a black beetle crawling around on the trail. Miss Christina wanted everyone to take a close look at it so she put it in a bug holder and told the kids to keep the lid on. When it got to my very investigative daughter guess what she did????? Yep, she popped that lid right off. Luckily Miss Christina was fast and she got it on before the beetle could escape.As we were coming back down the trail I asked Carrie to take a picture of Libi and I (since I rarely get in pictures when we go on an outing.) We both followed the rules to the tee-- both wearing hats, long pants, and good walking shoes-- all of my Girl Scout training paid off!It was a nice group, a great hike, and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! I'm so glad I found this group.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Princess LuLu

After some errands this morning and a short nap Libs and I watched Mamma Mia to get ready for our musical this evening. Libi decided to sing most of the songs into her microphone. This was the best $1.49 I've ever spent as she and any child who comes over seem to gravitate towards this toy.To continue the tradition of going to a Rio Norte Drama Production in character, Libs wore her Snow White dress for the show. Mommy accesorized it with her red shoes, a wand and an apple purse (that held some goldfish for a snack!)Libs looked like she could walk right on stage with all of the other princesses-- and everyone commented on how cute she was. After seeing a picture like this, who could argue with them??While the cast was doing a mic check, my little miss decided to go on stage with them. She was especially fond of the lady in waiting in the pink-- she walked right up to her and told me, "Take a picture!" I like a girl who knows what she wants!We were lucky enough to have the Strassner's join us for the show! Libs was thrilled that Emma was also all princessed up AND that she got to see two of her favorite boys, Howard and Ben!Before the show there was some serious hugging going (Libs hugged the stuffing out of Ben) and Libi showed Emma all around the theater.It was such a fun show!!! Lots of neat costumes, fun music and dancing-- even the kids were paying attention!After the show Libi got to meet Snow White-- she almost met her during the show, once Libi saw her on stage she yelled, "Snow White" and tried to take off to get her! She was asked by several people what princess she was, and she replied very matter of factly, "Princess Libi!!!" Well hello people???? Can't you see the obvious??The junior high kids are always so good with Libs. The star of the show even gave Libi a rose for being cute. She was thrilled to now have 2 wands with which to hit her Mom and Dad.We always have a good time at Aunt Gina's shows. I can't wait for the day that Libs gets to be on stage in a show of her own-- I only have to wait a few more months for the preschool Christmas program :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tame Thursday

Today Libs and I spent a much needed day at home doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and other fun things. My little drama queen found Daddy's jacket and turned it into a play toy. It was a cape, a wig, and a curtain-- Libs has a great imagination!In this picture you can see more clearly the boo-boo that Libs got yesterday. She is kissing it and getting Mommy to kiss is with much pride! She's now part of the big-girl club.Since today was a slow news day for our family, I thought I would share with you some new things that Libi is doing. Libi has really been understanding the concept of "friends" lately. At MOPS she heard a baby cry in the next room and told her teachers that she needed to go help the baby "feel better!" We also gave a ride home to one girl from her room and she held this little girls hand all the way to the car-- very sweet. At Pioneer Club she has been taking her friends hands, hugging them and dancing with them. It is so nice to have such a sweet girl-- even though some of the boys don't enjoy having their hands held.
Daddy has been very busy lately, so we enjoy every second we have with him! My two favorite people have so much fun together-- it's so nice to see ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A fun first and a not-so-fun first!

Today Miss Lou slept in very late. When she finally woke up I gave her the option of staying home or going to the park with Mom's Club-- you should be able to tell which one she chose. We had to fly out of the door to make it on time, but we got there.Today Libi really had fun on the teeter totter... check out her singing and bouncing!

I hope that I don't make you sick from this video-- I was the weight on the other end and the camera woman :)After a nap for both Libs and me we got dressed for Skipper Club.Tonight the kiddos got to play with clay-- a first for Miss Libs. We kept having to remind her not to eat it, but she seemed to enjoy it.While waiting for parents to come grab the kids for the awards ceremony Libi decided to dance with Joelle and Cole. It was very sweet to see her take hands with the kids and dance around the room.On the way to the church poor girl got tripped up and skinned her left knee. This is her very first one so it's highly sentimental for Mommy! I will try to get better pictures of it so we can record it for posterity.Tonight the kids got to do two things on the stage. First they did some sign language and sang the Skipper song-- see if you can hear when Miss Libs got the microphone!

After our short moment in the spotlight the kids got to sing the song "Yes Lord" for the crowd. Libi was full of energy and she decided to help conduct the show.

Moms were making comments about how cute my little girl is and if she is always this full of life. I was happy to respond that yes her energy level is nearly almost high and her joie de vivre is contagious!

Tonight when we finally got home Miss Libs picked up the phone and called Lucas. She was just like a teenager in love saying "Hiiiiiii Lucas" and then telling him all about her day. I had to call Dolly to warn her that her son is being pined for by a younger woman.