Monday, March 16, 2009

Anoher tough day...

Today was spent fully at Valley Presbyterian Hospital waiting to hear about Dad. This picture was accidentally taken while we were in his room, but it shows the shared hospital room that Dad was stuck in. He had a horrid roommate who was on the call button all the time and who screamed through much of the night. Poor Dad didn't have much time to relax with such a needy bunky.We took Libs to see him-- she would not stop asking for him! I took lots of things to keep her busy like Grammy's portable DVD player...but she found lots of ways to entertain herself. She had a great view of the parking lot from Dad's room and she would point to cars and say, "Libi's car, Nana and Pop's car, Daddy's car, Jammy's car!" She had such a good time assigning cars to all of her favorite people.
When we got kicked out of Granpa's room so he could get prepped for his procedure we spent our time in the family waiting room. We watched PBS's kids shows, colored, finger painted....and napped in the stroller. When Granpa was moved into the cath lab for his procedure we moved to another waiting room....There Libs woke up and requested a snuggle with Jammy. She spent the rest of her nap folded on to my Mom's lap snoring peacefully!

After waiting almost two hours to hear what was going on I'm happy to report that Dad is fine! He had a 99% blockage of one artery which was repaired with a stint. The doctor's feel that his prognosis is very good! Hopefully this will be the last day we spend in a hospital for a long time!

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