Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our trip to San Diego

Today we drove down to San Diego for the CADA convention.

Before we left the house, Libi decided to say goodbye to Goofy. For those of you who don’t know, our dining room chandelier is named Goofy. I’m not sure why this is, but for quite some time now she points to the light and says, “Goofy.” We hope that Tobee and “Goofy” will get along while we’re gone.

Libi used her gift card from Aunt Linda and Uncle Mitch to buy a Pixar look and find book—she picked it out herself! For the past week every time we get in the car she asks for this book. As we left the SCV today she again asked for the book and a few minutes later I looked in the back-seat and saw…..

She was still gripped on to the book—I guess she doesn’t want Ron or I to take it away form her :)

She napped a great deal of the way but when she woke up she kept saying “Almost to San Diego.” I guess that it is one of the units of time I use with her—that and “A few minutes” are the two that I say the most.

We checked into the hotel and got settled in to our room. We have such a nice room and it has a balcony!!! Better than the balcony is the view—we look right down on the pool!

While I unpacked, Libs got to color her Tinkerbell pictures.

Seeing her in a regular hotel chair, doing things at the table like a big girl make me want to cry!

Ron ran off to his convention stuff leaving Libi and I to dine alone. We went to the hotel coffee shop which was quite empty. This worked to our advantage as Libi was very loud!!! Note the smiling child in picture one…..

and the BEAST in this photo!

While waiting for our meal Libi and I colored on the paper placemats. Libs mostly asked for happy faces which she then added cheeks and hair to (a.k.a. scribbling all over them and telling me she’s giving them hair and cheeks!)

I drew a whale while discussing the things we will se tomorrow at Sea World and then my daughter told this story:

Libi: Give the whale a seatbelt. (She draws a line by its head.)

Mommy: Why does the whale need a seatbelt?

Libi: It’s on a bus.

Mommy: Oh, like the Doodlebops. (Mommy takes the yellow crayon and draws a bus around the whale.) Where is the bus going?

Libi: To dinner.

Mommy: What is it going to eat?

Libi: His nose. The bus. His tail.

Mommy: Wow, he’s hungry. How is he going to get home without a bus?

Libi: (Totally lost interest in the whale story and began to sing the “Who’s That” song from music class using every inanimate object it the restaurant.)

Now we’re back in the hotel room. Libi has figured out how to climb up on the bed, get into the chair, and open drawers on her own—we’re in for a long couple of days!!

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