Friday, March 6, 2009

Hotel time...

Libi and I decided to stay close to the hotel today as she spent a great deal of last night coughing!We played on the balcony, colored, watched movies, and just lazed around the room.We were able to see our camp family at lunch. Libi enjoyed coloring all over Daddy's paperwork and distracting him while he was supposed to be participating in a round table discussion.

Libi and I (and Cinderella, Elmo, Tinkerbell, Hippo, Panda, and Yosemite Sam) all took a nap in the bed today. I'm sure we were quite a site all tucked in to the covers!

When we woke up we met up with Ron again to head to Old Towne for dinner. We had an amazing meal at Casa Guadalajara-- our favorite haunt in Old Towne! Libi wouldn't eat the small pieces of "dilla" we put down in front of her-- she wanted the big piece. After this bite though she decided that she just liked the freshly-made tortilla so she pulled it away from the cheese and just ate that!Libs ate her first taquito today-- I think I liked it better than she did, but she ate quite a bit of it!After dinner we were treated to several songs by the wandering mariachi's. Libi loved all of the instruments and watching them sing.This would've been a great picture of Daddy and daughter, but she was too distracted by all the music around her-- she's totally my daughter!

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