Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drama queen...

My daughter is destined to be an amazing thespian! She creates stories with her toys, sings songs (both real and made-up) all day long and can sometimes be difficult to work with.Today found her singing the "Hello Song" to every one of the dwarfs. She also "changed" the diapers on all of her plastic Disney toys. Then she proceeded to throw them from the changing table to the bassinet-- I guess it was time for a nap!I told he she was going to take a tubby after dinner-- this is what happened when the tubby didn't happen IMMEDIATELY after dinner! Yikes!!! On the bright side, I will have lots of tantrum stories to share with the other MOPS mommies when the topic comes up again!Lastly tonight when she finally got into her tubby, she was mesmerized with her reflection in the mirror. She proceeded to brush her hair, her nose and her teeth while watching herself.

Let's hope that all these dramatic tendencies will lead to an Oscar and millions of dollars that she will share with her parents!

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