Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Today for St. Patrick's Day life returned to normal! Dad was discharged from the hospital this morning and Libi and I returned to our "normal" schedule.We began the day by watching Playhouse Disney at home which Libs has missed the past few days. For lunch we met up with some of my MOPS friends and their daughters.Paige (the girl in the middle of the first picture) brought her leprechaun gold to share with Libi and Courtney-- Libs loved it becuase it was made of chocolate. I didn't know that leprechauns gold was chocolate-- I might have to follow the next rainbow that I see :)We had a photo taken, but it's a little dark. At least you can see that I'm still in the holiday spirit with my leprechaun antennae. After lunch the girls posed for one more photo outside Route 66. They have so much fun together-- the big girls love to show Libi how to do new things and to help her do things she has trouble with.When Jammy and Granpa got home Libi and Granpa took a nap. Libs began her nap on Jammy....then slid to the floor and finished her nap upright on the floor. It didn't look comfortable, but she stayed that way over a half an hour.We were surprised by a visit from Brian and Kristin Connelly (my cousin and his wife) and their 5 kids. They were visiting from Texas for the week and decided to drop by.It was also nice to see my godmother, Aunt Chris, and her mom Grandma Jones.After a quiet dinner at home we went to Lucas' honor's society induction. We are so proud that he was in honor's society a full 3 semesters (that's the max you can be in it!)I know you're not supposed to have favorites when you teach, but Lucas will always be one of my most special students! It is so nice that his family has stayed good friends with Ron and I.

Ron is now tutoring Lucas in math and Dolly, Emily, Libi and I get to play while they work. Lucas will also go with us on the East Coast trip. We love our time with the Lopez family-- especially when it ends with Coldstone ice cream!

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