Monday, March 30, 2009

A day on the farm!!

Today we went to Underwood Family Farms to pick strawberries!!!We each had a box to fill, but it was more fun for Libi to pick one, take a bite and then put them in her basket.I made sure that all of the half eaten berries were enjoyed before we hopped back on the tractor-- it wouldn't be any fun to take those home.Libs must have thought it was a buffet because she sat down and helped herself!!!You can see the evidence of yummy berries all over her face, and sweater, and pants!!!After a short break for snack we were on to see the animals. When Amy came over to crop tonight she asked Libi what she saw on the farm and she responded, "A honkey!" My best guess is that she meant the donkey!!A really big first for the day was Libs first pony ride!!!! She did so well holding on, except for the few times she patted the ponies head and said, "Nice pony!" How sweet!While playing on the wooden train she snagged and tore her pants. This new look went perfectly with all of the dust and dirt she picked up while playing all over the farm.We ended the day in the kiddie playground. Libs enjoyed the sandbox, the slide and this John Deere tractor.We had such a good time! It is so nice to have such a big girl who can help me when I'm in charge of field trips or events, but it's sad all the same.We purchased some produce from the farm stand before we left. Libi had asked for an apple for the ride home, but after we bought some carrots she insisted on eating one in the car. She is totally Ron's daughter-- "Silly Libi carrots are for bunnies!"

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