Monday, March 9, 2009

Manic Monday...

Today we had to motor over to Valencia to set up for MOPS. I decided to try Libi's big-girl slip on shoes. She was so excited to wear the red sparkly shoes... but there was a problem...
Do you see the concentration it is taking her to walk in these?

After a brief walk down the runway I decided to switch to more traditional shoes-- despite the tantrum from my darling daughter.This afternoon Libi had tons of fun playing with her Tinkerbell tablecloth from Jammy. It was a hat, a cape, a dress (for her Mamma Mia numbers), and finally.....Voila!!! A very pretty girl with a very active imagination!

Tonight at dinner my poor girl just couldn't keep her eyes open. She would take a bite of food then her head would droop-- I don't think the video got the full effect of it, but it was so sweet to watch. Daddy finally rescued her and snuggled with her as she took an evening nap.

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