Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Hour Tuesday

Libs and I did lots of running around today. We went to the mall so I could find some jeans for the big trip. While we were shopping in Lane Bryant Libs was being a trooper. Until she noticed some mannequins that they were re-dressing on the floor. She then decided to get up from her stroller and explore. This was bad all the way around because she was the counter weight for the backpack that was hanging off the back of the stroller-- when she got up the stroller capsized right onto the sales girl who was helping me. Luckily she was able to catch the stroller before it caused too much damage! My darling little girl looked up at the sales girl and said, "Sorry lady!" then she climed back in the stroller. As we were leaving the store the sales girl complimented me on my polite and darling little girl!! Whew!!!
Since Lou still has a cough that will not go away we decided to head to Dr. Vashistha's office to get it checked out! While waiting (for over an hour) Libi found a new friend named Michael. Daddy had to break up their freindship when he began kissing our daughter-- he was not a happy man after this incident!!! The funniest thing was to watch her covet the lollipops that the kids who had completed their appointment were brining out. You could almost see the angel and devil on her shoulders as she wondered if she could grab them wihtout anyone noticing!Thank goodness for iPhones as they helped to keep Libs busy during the long wait. Once we got into the exam room Libi decided to demonstrate...

the "Shimmy Shake" by the Wiggles.

I'm happy to report that the doctor believes her cough to be allergies and he says she is in excellent health! She didn't cry or scream while being examined, she just told the doctor "No!" when he was trying to look in her ears.In the evening I left Ron and Libi at home for a much needed MNO (Mom's Night Out!!!!!) My MOPS group went to Clarice's Candy Shoppe to learn how to make sugar eggs.I took the class last year and wanted to bring some friends this year. I was lucky enough to be joined by Lara and Dolly in addition to my MOPS pals Debbie and Claire. Here you can see the garden scene that I put inside my egg.Here is my finished product!!! It came out much better than last years. I can't wait to do it agian next year and see what I come up with!I developed quite a reputation in my two hour long class. I used more star tips for decorating then anyone else. I just had to have my picture taken with my favorite decorating tools!

Afterwards Dolly, Lara and I went for drinks at the Canyon Country Chili's. It was nice to cap off the evening blowing off steam and chatting with the girls! I'm not quite sure what the two of them did while I was having fun....but they look happy!!!

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