Friday, March 20, 2009

No, Okay!!!!

This seems to be Libi's favorite phrase of the moment. I think it is her way of thinking about things... when you ask her a question that she's not super hot on she'll reply with, "No..........Okay!" It's really funny to hear her say this a dozen times a day.Tonight we took Granpa for his Friday night burger-- we're sad that it couldn't be at Bob's on the Marina, but Dink's in Valencia is a close second.

My very literal girl was eating chicken stips (which she ordered by name at the counter!) She noticed that Daddy had catchup so she asked for some for her chicken. She dipped, then sucked the sauce off, then dipped again. Mommy said that this wasn't the way that you should dip your chicken-- you only get one dip per piece of chicken. Libi then proceeded to tear all of her chicken strips into tiny little pieces so she could dip and suck more catchup. What a crack up!!! I'm going to have to watch out for her.In this photo Libi is trying to get Granpa to be in a picture by himself-- is she an activities director in training or what? She wants it her way... just like Daddy!Our big girl is now getting herself into and out of her carseat. She only needs me to buckle her in. While this big girl step is welcome on days when my hands are full it makes me a little sad because she is becoming so independent!

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Anonymous said...

She's growing up way too fast! :(