Thursday, March 5, 2009

San Diego Day Two

This morning we set out for the San Diego Zoo. We were very lucky to have another gorgeous yet slightly cool day-- the animals were all very active. One of our first stops was to see the elephants. This slightly sour face is due to the fact that I was trying to explain to Libs that she couldn't feed the elephants the leaf she picked up off the ground. Luckily we were able to see the zoo keeper feeding them real food. I think that Libs is way too affected by elephant stereotypes she's seen on TV and in movies: she kept insisting that they were eating peanuts not pellets. What does Mommy know??The rhinos were in the same area as the elephants. They were basking in the sun enjoying a nap---- until Libi came along. Thanks to Miss Moira and all of her music class training whenever Libi sees someone sleeping she yells, "Wake UP!!!" So we arrived at their pen and Libi yells at them and one of them actually woke up, raised its head, looked at her and stretched. I was totally amazed taht Libs had that much power over the massive guys!I just had to share this one-- there were three baby meerkats on exhibit. They were absolutely adorable!Libi (and Tinkerbell) walked through a great deal of the zoo! I was really excited that I might not need to have the stroller forever-- but it is nice to still have a place to stash all of the stuff we bring places.This is the only picture of Libi and I together at the zoo (I think I earned points for creativity!) We had just watched a My Friends Tigger and Pooh episode with Porcupine in it, so Libi was excited to see the real thing.This picture is especially for Aunt Andrea who gave Libi this monkey shirt for Christmas. This morning I had my little monkey pose by the Indian monkeys for a picture. She loved this spot and danced away while talking to the monkeys, but as soon as they got close to the glass she was in my lap!When Ron and I took Libi to San Diego in October she was asleep when we got to the pandas, but today she really enjoyed them! This girl was a little agitated today, but with all of her walking around I got some really nice pictures.After an unfortunate experience on the very steep escalator (you can ask me about it later) we made it up to the gorillas and hippos. Libi was much more interested in the fish than the hippo which was swimming by her-- that is thanks to her Granpa!This could be my favorite photo of the day. Libi insisted on staying by this exhibit for about 10 minutes, she watched the fish, played with the hippo cut out, and talked to all the kids who passed by. She also had a few....very brief..... moments of reflection where she just sat. Wonder what was going on in that head of hers?Our final stop at the zoo was the children's section. Libi was able to pet some goats and see a macaw, but her favorite were the meerkats. In the children's zoo they have a very low display where the kids and the meerkats can get right up to the glass. Libi thought it was histerical that they were trying to dig their way out and that they were scurrying all over. It was such a nice day!

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