Sunday, March 15, 2009

A tough day...

We were awoken this morning by my Dad telling us that he was going to the hospital. He was experiencing chest pains very early in the morning so he decided to go get checked out.

This began a few tense days in our home.....We woke up, got dressed and headed down to Nana and Pop's house. To help brighten everyone's mood Libs got dressed in the sunniest yellow outfit she could find.She posed for a few pictures before the drive-- she even got to wear slip on shoes without socks today!How could you not feel better seeing this adorable face?Mom, Pop and I made a brief visit to the hospital to see Dad-- who was hooked up to lots of different machines-- while Ron, Nana and Libs hung out at the Borsting homestead.Much of the day was spent coloring, reading fairy books, and trying to distract ourselves from what might be wrong with Dad.

In the evening Mom went back to the hospital and found out that Dad was going to require an angiogram. We all braced ourselves for what that would mean... but we'd have to wait until Monday to find out.

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