Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tame Thursday

Today Libs and I spent a much needed day at home doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and other fun things. My little drama queen found Daddy's jacket and turned it into a play toy. It was a cape, a wig, and a curtain-- Libs has a great imagination!In this picture you can see more clearly the boo-boo that Libs got yesterday. She is kissing it and getting Mommy to kiss is with much pride! She's now part of the big-girl club.Since today was a slow news day for our family, I thought I would share with you some new things that Libi is doing. Libi has really been understanding the concept of "friends" lately. At MOPS she heard a baby cry in the next room and told her teachers that she needed to go help the baby "feel better!" We also gave a ride home to one girl from her room and she held this little girls hand all the way to the car-- very sweet. At Pioneer Club she has been taking her friends hands, hugging them and dancing with them. It is so nice to have such a sweet girl-- even though some of the boys don't enjoy having their hands held.
Daddy has been very busy lately, so we enjoy every second we have with him! My two favorite people have so much fun together-- it's so nice to see ;)

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