Monday, August 31, 2009

Tiny dancer...

Libi was so thrilled to start her dance class today!
She was ready in her ballet shoes, tights and leotards.
We got there very early to check in and get to know her teacher Miss Cheryl-Ann.Mommy had to sit outside and watch through a window...and on a video screen.The girls were so cute...

twirling and following directions.They read a story about ballerinas.... Libi was far more interested in continuing the stretches that they did in the beginning.They got to dance with "magicals"-- Libi was quite an expert at these.Just like in music class, Libi was drawn to watching herself in the mirror.At one point the teacher lined all of the kids up for a conga-line type dance. All of the Moms in the lobby were amazed at how Miss Cheryl-Ann was able to corral all of the 2 and 3 year olds.You may notice some glare on these photos, I was forced to take pictures through a window, on a TV screen, and in the mirror. I don't think I did too bad for all of the obstacles.Libi was the line leader until Addie got out of line, then she was #2.Libi sang and chatted her way through the class.They did lots of leg lifts...and twirls, so Libs was in her element!

Then it was time to put on the tap shoes. This was the first time Libi has heard them on hardwood floor.I think the teacher was smart to save tap until the end of the class-- the girls were quite noisy!Our little dancer was on cloud 9 the entire 45 minutes.Thanks Miss Cheryl-Ann for a great class... See you again in 2 weeks!

After a brief stop to see Daddy and MeMe we grabbed lunch. Per Libi's requests she had "apple dippers"-- this cracks me up because she just has apples with out the caramel dip. When I put her up for a nap I hear her chatting away with her dolls... suddenly I heard her playing with her monitor. Next thing I know I hear her saying loud and clear, "Mommy I need a Binky!" Last week she watched her father use the monitor as a telecom to tell Mommy that there were no more diapers upstairs. She is a quick study and she used it to contact me twice today before I made it upstairs to give her a Bink!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A day inside....

Libs crawled into bed with Jammy and Granpa this morning. While laying there she tooted and she turned to my Mom to say, "I just burped in my diaper." Funny and true :)

We were trapped inside again today due to awful air quality.In the evening Libs took a tubby...and got ready for her photo shoot.You can see her focus, preparing to ham it up for Daddy."I'm ready for some pictures, Daddy!!"Here is another dress that Aunt Valerie made. I just love these outfits and the darling hats!!Ever the stage Mom, I stood behind Ron and made suggestions for poses. To my shock, she did everything I suggested!This was the final dress that Valerie made-- it's a little big, but it will look darling on her in the Spring.Pooh became her prop for this photo-- she's so full of drama (but I secretly love it!!)Then came the moment that made me cry... we tried on her ballet stuff for dance class tomorrow.I couldn't believe how grown up she looked!Look at her-- this is before any classes and she already looks like a natural!Ta-da!!! Can't wait for class tomorrow!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

MOPS and dinner with Nana and Pops

I spent the day with my MOPS friends preparing for the upcoming year.Here I am with the girls on my team: Lisa, Christine, Suzanne, and me!You might not know that I am a super competitive girl... we had a scavenger hunt around the church and my amazing team WON!!! Here we are showing off all 26 of the envelopes we found and the phrase we solved. I was so lucky to have such a motivated team with me!!While I was at VUMC Libs was hanging at the house with Jammy, Granpa and Daddy.Aunt Valerie from Stockton made Libi several new dresses that she had to model.She takes direction very well for her photo shoots...and then she convinces others to pose with her!I just love this one!!!Mommy even got in on the act!A huge thank you to Aunt Valerie! She made two other dresses that we will hopefully have Libs model tomorrow.Once we woke Daddy up it was off to dinner at Nana and Pop's house.Ron and I even got in on the Play-doh fun. I made milk and cookies while Ron made a little pink man.Before dinner there were carrots to be picked. This has become one of Libi's favorite pass-times...
even though the carrots aren't too big!
It was so nice to spend the evening hanging out with Granpa,
and Pop! It was such a fun way to celebrate Nan and Pop's 61st wedding anniversary.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Play date, a fire and Chili's

This morning Mommy's dear friend Suzanne came over with her son Nicholas for a play date. The kids had a lot of fun playing side by side-- not really together.We are trapped inside our house due to the awful air quality. The fires in La Canada are spreading towards us and the smoke is getting blown our way. At one point today it was almost dark as night outside-- very eerie!On the bright side Jammy and Granpa came into town today. We all braved the air to have dinner at Chili's-- thank goodness Jammy had her inhaler handy!Libi is getting to be a pro at posing folks for pictures, here she is squishing us together for a photo.For dessert tonight we got a chocolate lava cake...or should I say, Libi got a chocolate lava cake. Before we could really get a bite Libs was taking huge spoonfuls. I guess she got Mom's sweet tooth!