Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd Day of Preschool

While Libi's at school, Mommy will.........CLEAN!!!I realized that I never took pictures of all the work I did last week in Libi's room, so here it is!She still says "Amazing" when she walks in-- I think it blows her away how many fun things she has.I have to keep her closet closed because it is kind of obscene how many adorable outifts she has to wear :)Speaking of cute outfits, it was SCLP t-shirt day today. Libi sported her school shirt with pride! It was quite large for her, but I want her to be able to grow into it.She still loves her school-- she runs into the building each morning and when I come to pick her up she hugs me and then runs back to play with her friends.When the want the kids attention the teachers ring a bell. This signals the kids to freeze, put their hands on their heads and listen to directions. You can see Miss Sabrina is an expert at this-- Libi not so much :)Today Libs made a handwashing poster that is now on display in our bathroom. There is another song that goes along with this one, but I actually figured this one out.We made a quick stop at Albertson's to grab some things for dinner. At the checkout counter the clerks always give Libi stickers. On the paper there is a roller skating pizza, a surfing crab, and a chocolate chip cookie walking through the park. Libi ALWAYS chooses the crab for me-- I'm starting to take it personally... why can't Daddy be the crab once in a while???Our evening activity consisted of attending the Team Yukon ice cream social. Libs loved that she dressed "like Daddy!"Today must be the day for her to wear shirts that are two sizes too big for her. Sadly none of Daddy's students are small enough to merit them ordering a 2T size :)Libs had energy to burn tonight...she was all over the place: running, jumping, dancing, mingling, you name it, she did it!!Her first order of business was to grab some ice cream. She actually didn't get too messy which made Mommy happy!Once Daddy brought out the microphone Libi stuck right to his side. After she got a taste of fame at CADA, she wants to be on the mic all the time!

You can see Libs here just striving for her chance to talk.After all of the teachers introduced themselves, Libi finally got her chance. When Liz handed her the microphone she said, "Libi, 2 1/2 Birthday!" I think that was a pretty good introduction for a little person!!!While Ron was mingling Libi found a little 4 year-old girl named Riley whose brother is on Team Yukon and began to dance.

The two of them were very sweet together! At least she will have someone to play with at Yukon activities.

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