Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday fun...

Today we went to swimming a little early. Cade who is the only other kid in our class was out of town, so we went with the 3:30 class.Libs was in a great mood in the beginning.Today she really started moving through the water on her own.While she was waiting her turn, Libs discovered the joy of spitting water. She was asked by Miss Karen to stop doing this, but she just was having too much fun.One "knock-it-off" look from Mommy combined with an angry, "Liliana Blanca" from the other side of the pool brought on this look. She spent the rest of the lesson pouting and crying-- good thing we have a weekend to recover!After a quick pizza dinner it was time for the 2nd Annual Rio Norte Movie Night in our backyard.Libi just loves movie nights!!Tonight's selection was Cars-- since last year it was a more girly movie, Enchanted.Before the show Daddy took some really cool candids of Libs who was only too happy pose.I just love the colors of the sky in these pics.Love it when our girl is happy!

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