Friday, August 7, 2009

A day at the fair....

This morning we awoke to a new member of the Ippolito family being born....please welcome Mr. Triceratops to our family!Libs was thrilled that he finally made his appearance!!!After Daddy drove Uncle Dude to Beverly Hills we decided to go to the Ventura County Fair for the day.Our first stop was the children's area where they had a ton of wooden toys to play with.The science exhibit was all about kaliedoscopes....COOL!!!!!Libs saw the horses and she HAD to ride-- Daddy being the softy he is oblidged and bought her a ticket.Our fearless daughter laughed and smiled the whole time...except when they took her picture on the horse (doesn't she look like she didn't enjoy it??)

The video shows that she really did have fun!As does this smile!!Next up was the farm animals...Libs loved touching and talking to all of them.The horses in the stables were very Libs got to pet many of them.The strangest, but most entertaining thing we did all day was to watch the turkey races. Libi went and sat right by the fence so she could get the best view. Funny note: she sat next to a boy who was a few years older than her and she tried many times to talk to him, but he didn't want to chat!How do you race a turkey you ask??? You put feed in the back of a remote control truck and have them chace the truck around the track.Afterwards Libi really wanted to talk turkey with a turkey, but they only wanted to eat the feed they found on the ground.There was lots of yummy food around and even some food mascots. Libi wanted Daddy to have a picture with the cow, so he kindly oblidged!Inside the agriculture tent there was lots of fun stuff to see. Libs and I pretended to be a seal and a park ranger!We also had a good time checking out the giant award-winning fruits and vegetables.
One final stop in the hobby area where we got to see some cool collections (Snow White, Cars, and Princesses), a model train layout, and some Lincoln covers (Granpa would have been so proud!)We all love the fair (and spending quality time together!)

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