Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Game Day...

Our morning and afternoon were pretty low key. Ron drove Dude down to L.A. to renew his green card, so Libs and I spent the morning snuggling in bed and watching Playhouse Disney.
After an all-to-brief nap and a yummy home-made dinner (Heather is cooking again-- watch out Top Chef!!) we went to Mountasia to entertain Logan for a bit.We met up with Aunt Andrea, Aunt Violet, and eventually Grammy and we brought Uncle Dude with us too.Libs loves Mountasia because there are so many things to touch, a million different lights and lots of cool sounds.There were many challenges on the air hockey table: Val and Ron, Andrea and Violet and Andrea and me :) I'm sad to report that I lost, but I gave it a valaint effort-- and Andrea has a serious advantage because she owns an air hockey table!!!It was so nice having a small army of folks to help us corral Libi-- Uncle Dude, Cousin Logan, Aunt Violet and Aunt Andrea all grabbed Lou at one point or another.Libs was fascinated with the Dance, Dance Revolution "stage".She even got Cousin Logan on there with her!We braved Farrell's for ice cream and the service was actually pretty decent.Cris and Val had some nice sparring to do since Cris un-friended Val on Facebook.Lou loved her clown sundae....but she liked doing pictures after...with her favorite people!She also didn't mind the tickles from Aunt Andrea!!We explored the outside area with Cousin Logan for a bit....before more Skee ball.Uncle Dude took some really cool pictures while we had fun!Ron gambled with the tickets that Logan and Andrea worked so hard to get, but it payed off when he won 800 tickets!!We used them to get Libi a stunning new hat!What a fun day with our crazy family!

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