Sunday, August 30, 2009

A day inside....

Libs crawled into bed with Jammy and Granpa this morning. While laying there she tooted and she turned to my Mom to say, "I just burped in my diaper." Funny and true :)

We were trapped inside again today due to awful air quality.In the evening Libs took a tubby...and got ready for her photo shoot.You can see her focus, preparing to ham it up for Daddy."I'm ready for some pictures, Daddy!!"Here is another dress that Aunt Valerie made. I just love these outfits and the darling hats!!Ever the stage Mom, I stood behind Ron and made suggestions for poses. To my shock, she did everything I suggested!This was the final dress that Valerie made-- it's a little big, but it will look darling on her in the Spring.Pooh became her prop for this photo-- she's so full of drama (but I secretly love it!!)Then came the moment that made me cry... we tried on her ballet stuff for dance class tomorrow.I couldn't believe how grown up she looked!Look at her-- this is before any classes and she already looks like a natural!Ta-da!!! Can't wait for class tomorrow!!!

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