Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lunch and a dip...

When we arrived at Nana and Pop's Libs was ready to chat...
Here she is telling Nana all about everything she's been doing the past two weeks.After a very quick tea service in the TV room Libi decided that she wanted to go into the room with her bunnies and Crayons.She talked Pop into giving her a ride on her trike by saying, "Come on Pop, you can do it!!" Very encouraging!!

Before lunch Libs just started talking to herself. She began by telling the story of all the princesses on her sound card and then moved on to a card with two girls on the front. Not quite sure what all of it was about, but it was funny to watch!!After nap time it was time for swimming again. Today Libi really understood the breathing part of swimming and the importance of exhaling!There wasn't any crying, but there was a moment of poutyness when Miss Karen asked her to jump in on her own.She did manage to do it and move towards Miss Karen....but she's not really kicking. She just lays there with her leg in the air. Hopefully tomorrow everything will come together. Also we are hoping to see Ron more tomorrow. We saw him for a few moments at swimming and for about 20 minutes during dinner. The rest of the night he was either getting his room ready for the start of school tomorrow or driving Val to LAX. I can't wait for this busy week to be over!!!

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