Sunday, August 16, 2009

A bit of block party...

We spent much of the day staying out of Daddy's way as he had his deadline to meet for the CADA newsletter. In the late afternoon we had to run over to VUMC to drop off the poster I had been working on.
There were lots of games for the kids so we spent a few minutes checking things out.The MOPS booth looked great and we had lots of Mom's show up to help!Our activity was a lollipop pull. Libi loved pulling them out, looking at them, and putting them back. She could've stood there all day and I loved that she had no idea that there were any prizes involved :) I'm letting Libi make more choices as she grows. Today she had the choice of a hat or a headband--- you can see her choice. She looks like such a big girl here!!!We bumped into Miss Rebecca and Janessa from Skipper Club. It was nice to see them...but Libs was most excited to see Madison. The girls both look so much more grown up then they did in June!

It was a long night for Ron-- working on his newsletter has proven to be a bigger task then he thought. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more restful night as we prepare for Libs first "real" day of preschool.

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