Monday, August 3, 2009

Yearbook Retreat

We had a super busy day today!!! Ron and his 36 yearbook kids went on an all-day retreat and Libi and I tagged along after them.Since we drove while they road the bus, we got to Solvang ahead of them. It gave us some time to look around (or dance around) while we waited for them.Daddy's first order of business was to get aebleskivers. It was Libi's first taste, but she was hooked!!!The kids were all working on a photo scavenger hunt-- so Libi and Daddy played along too. This giant shoe was one of the things they were supposed to find!In the park in the center of town there is a band-stand. I told Libi that it was a place to dance, so she told Daddy to play some music...

this is what happened!!!I'm a little worried about Libi's memory. We went to Solvang in June to do a preview of this trip. When we got to Solvang this time Libi immediately said I want to go see the soldier-- she remembered this guy in front of a hotel from 2 month ago!! I will have to be very careful with what I promise this girl with an amazing memory!Here we are being very touristy!!Libs is a girl after my own heart--- drooling over all of the gorgeous bakery confections!!!One of the scavenger hunt challenges was to take a group picture from inside a phone booth-- Libi wanted to join in, so Ron's kids sweetly acquiessed!My favorite find of the day was this sweet felt cow with a floral hat that Ron bought for me. I think that Libi thought it was for her, but it will have a new home in Mommy's scrapbook room :)Before we departed for Santa Barbara we took a group picture of Ron, his kids, and Libi!Our next stop was the Palace Cafe-- an amazing restaurant in Santa Barbara just off State Street.Libs handled the long wait for food very well. Playing with Daddy, Mommy, and watching all of Ron's kids.When it came time to explore State Street Libi helped Ron give the instructions-- repeating everything he said, but with more emphasis!!!When he took too long to talk, she went behind a tree and began collecting leaves and pine needles.We didn't walk State Street--- we hopped in the car and went straight to the pier.Libi was very excited to see the ocean and all the boats.I was thankful for the great weather and some quiet time to be together as a family! I also loved the amazing cinnamon salt water taffy place we found at the end of the pier!! I will be stoping back there often :) A group picture in Santa Barbara... then off to Filmore for dinner.
It was all too much for Libi. She slept through the first half of dinner at El Pescador, but woke up in time to have yummy quesadillas with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Jessica and Uncle Nick.

What a fun, but very long day!!

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