Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sad monkey...

Libs went to school again today-- they learned the new "Monkey Song" and played in the sand.Here's Libs displaying the monkey mask she made today.She was super proud of it!
The monkey is supposed to be smiling, but Libi wanted hers to be sad-- I like her individuality, but I think a happy monkey would have been cuter.
Here is the song for their class-- if you can teach me how to sing it, please give me a call. I can't make the words go to the tune (yes, the music teacher is having difficulty with this one!) Sadly Libi doesn't know it well enough to teach me yet, but I'm sure she will be able to set me straight soon.
Libi was kind of in a hurry to leave school today and so was I. Every time I have gone to pick her up I am hearing a cursory, "She had a good day." and then I'm hearing tons of things she did wrong. I think Libi is a great girl, but when all I'm hearing is her faults I'm getting pretty discouraged. I came home and cried and cried (I'm probably the only Mom who doesn't cry when she drops her child off, she does it after she picks her up!)

Thus far at school Libi has:
-soaked herself in the water fountain (last Thursday)
-been caught play hitting another girl (Tuesday)
-thrown sand (today)
-been called a "very active little girl"-- it was the tone on this one that made it bad (today)
-been touching and climbing on other kids (today)
-nearly pulled the fire alarm (today)

When we get home we talk about what she did wrong and then Ron talks to her about it, but I'd love to be able to talk to her about something good for a change. Sorry for the venting, but I'm feeling very discouraged right now.

On a positive note: while Libs was in school I totally cleaned her room. I cleared off some more shelves so she would have room for more books, put all of her stuffed animals on one bookshelf, weeded out all of the out-grown clothes, and lots of other little things. I closed the curtains on the closet for the first time in probably a year. When Libs came home from school I told her that her room was clean and that she needed to keep it that way. I took her in to get her ready for nap and all she could say was, "Amazing!" over and over again. Even later in the evening when Daddy took her upstairs to get ready for bed she kept saying it and pointing to new things that she forgot she had!Another perk of the cleaning was that I found 2 more bathing suits from Jammy and Granpa-- meaning that Libs only had to wear one suit twice during her 2 week swim lessons.Today Libi was far more brave about putting her toes over the edge of the pool...but she still had to be pulled or pushed in.

She and Cade did such an amazing job of jumping in and swimming to Miss Karen-- I can't believe all of the progress they've made in nine days!!Floating is still a challenge. It is pretty funny to watch the kids kick and struggle and try to turn back over, but they'll get it some day!We were very lucky to have lessons with sweet Cade. He was nice and patient with Libs and a great role model for her.He was always smiling and happy (and his Mom was sweet too!) Wayto go Cade!!!

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