Saturday, August 22, 2009

A day with Liana and Uncle Hugo

It was early entry at the zoo today.We loved getting to the zoo before the crowds and the heat!!We were meeting Uncle Seth, Auntie Mitra, and Baby Liana but they were running a bit late. We slowly made our way into the zoo stopping to check out all the animals. When we came to the meerkats Libi insisted that I take her picture with them. It was nice of the one on the rock to stand and pose so nicely.On our last visit the mingos were nowhere to be found, but today they were out in force!Libs was so excited to see them!!! She still talks so fondly about her mingo costume!The Sushinsky's arrived and we were ready to go!!!I can't believe how big and sweet Miss Liana is!! Her Daddy taught her this squishy face-- very silly!Daddy told Libi that there were dragons at the zoo, so we had to check them out. Both Kimodo dragons were active this morning. One was digging and trying the escape, the other one was going potty when we arrived.The science teacher in Seth came out at the zoo. He regaled us all with facts about the animals we saw!At the gorillas I took a turn with Libi on my shoulders-- she only wanted to be on Daddy's shoulders (which was just fine with me!!)Liana was so excited to see the giraffes-- they are her favorite!!We spent lots of time watching the five giraffes and we all took family portraits with them. Here are the Ippolito's....and the Sushinsky's!I couldn't get enough of that squishy face and wiggly toes-- it reminds me so much of Libi at that age!It wouldn't be a trip to the zoo without climbing on every telescope...and picking up every leaf.Liana also helped with the leaf clean-up. Liana is walking now. It was so sweet to see Libi and Liana holding hands and walking through the zoo.What sweet little girls!! I love it when Libs gives her friends hugs :)After the zoo we went to the Americana at Brand for lunch.Libi still loves the fountain, Liana wasn't such a fan!!After a yummy lunch at Cheesecake Factory we took a few last photos of the boys and their girls.I love it that Ron has stayed such good friends with Seth over the years. They met 22 years ago at Sierra Vista, have been college roommates, groomsmen in each other's weddings, and swapped Daddy stories-- that is true friendship!!!

While Libi took a nap and I did some laundry Ron and his folks headed up to Lancaster for an Ippolito family party. I was sad not to see Uncle John, Dave, Mary, and the kids, but Libi really needed a quality nap!!Daddy was quite the party boy today at Uncle Hugo's 50th Birthday bash.The whole family got to attend this party. Libs loved Cousin Bridget's swing set..and playing with friends.The older cousins were showing off their tumbling abilities so Libi tried to take a turn-- she needs more practice. Maybe we will do gymnastics after our dance class is done.It was such fun having our whole family together! In attendance were Ron, Libi and I, Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet,Grammy (Grampy was home sick),all of the cousins and their parents (Bridget, Amanda, Jake, Logan, Jordan, Cameron, Travis, Ron, Andrea.)Libi loved Amanda!!! The two of them were on the swingset for nearly an hour just rocking together. I wish they lived a bit closer beacause Amanda would make the BEST baby sitter!!!Happy 50th Hugo! Awesome party Ann-Marie-- amazing food!!

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