Sunday, August 23, 2009

Celebrating Grampy

Today was really low-key!Libs has been finding all sorts of toys she forgot she had-- that's what happens when Mommy really gets the chance to clean things! This weekend she found her electronic book reader, but as you can see she ditched it quickly to read the books for herself!In the evening we met up with Grammy, Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet at McDonalds to celebrate Grampy's 61st Birthday.After dinner Libs enjoyed some good cuddling time with Grampy.To work off our dinner we broke in our new badminton set.It was funny to watch Libs run back and forth trying to catch the birdie.When it started to get dark and some of us got tired, Libi and Grampy decided to practice hitting and catching.Libi was thrilled about "Ice cream and cake and cake"-- she sings that silly Baskin Robbins commercial song all the time!Grampy was so kind to let Libs blow out his candles....then she took off the candles...and got ready to eat!While presents were opened, Libi came over to me and read me a story. It was all about a dinosaur and a dragon-- we are obsessed with those two creatures right now!One final moment with Grampy and his girls.

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