Thursday, August 27, 2009

A good report...

Today was Libs 4th day of preschool-- I'm sure I'll stop counting soon, but right now it's still so fun and new!!! This is a picture of the kids on the carpet getting ready to do their morning activities. Libi has her hand in the air because Miss Cindy is asking where the monkeys are-- mind you she also had her hand in the air when she asked for the Pandas and Owls :)When I went to pick Libs up I got a glowing report from Miss Carole, Miss Sabrina, AND Miss Tasha.Yep, Miss Tasha is BACK!!! Here is Libs with her official teacher for the year. Poor thing hurt her right hand-- you can see it just dangling in this picture so some things are challenging for her.Libs is getting the hang of playing with other kids...I just love this picture of all the girls chilling on top of the slide. You can see Libi, Noelle and Faith plus the top of Natalie's head.Today was all about friendship...and here is Libi modeling her friendship necklace.It says, "Libi" on one side and "Monkey friends" on the other...when I told Miss Sabrina that I was shocked that Libi couldn't come up with the name of a single friend she told me that none of the monkeys talk (except one-- can you guess which??) so they didn't even ask them they just wrote that on the back. Oh well!! Libi loves her "Cheerio necklace" as she calls it.Libi has become obsessed with my camera as of late. She always wants for me to take pictures of her with objects or she wants to use it herself. I think that Santa will have to bring her a camera of her own so she will stay away from mine :)The giraffe also got in on the photo did Mommy!!! Not too shabby for an arm-length photo :)Grammy and Grampy came over for a short visit this evening. Libi just loves doing "luck-a-lucks" with tires both of them out!!Since it was Back to School Night at Mint Canyon we had the pleasure of watching Ben and Emma. We made our own pizzas for dinner-- Note: Ron wasn't here for this adventure he was at a Lincoln book signing so I was flying solo.I have to admit I was worried as to whether or not our toys could entertain three very different aged kids, but as you can see from this photo it wasn't a problem. They dressed up a bit, had an animal parade, cooked some fancy things with the kitchen stuff, and Ben was obsessed with Libi's Stitch light-up toy. They also played cars, enjoyed the Wiggles guitar and microphone (they had a band for a little bit!) AND...they watched some of Snow White. Ben was really hoping for one of the Star Wars movies, but he got outvoted by the girls.... poor Ben!!!

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