Thursday, August 13, 2009

All alone...

Today Libs was so excited to get back to HER school. She ran right through the gate towards her classroom.She went right through the door....and started playing. No tears, no goodbyes, nothing!I know that it should make me happy that she is so comfortable, but I was a bit sad that she couldn't have cared less if I stayed or went.Here is Libi's little cubby! She is a michevious monkey this year, so all of her things are monkey related.She already has her name on the wall near Madison (whose Mommy I used to work with at Mint Canyon) and Ms. Dorothy (whose daughter was my best friend in junior high school!) We live in such a small valley.

I found Libs in the midst of playing, gave her a kiss, and left. She showed no reaction to my leaving except for being momentarily perterbed that I interrupted her play.
When I got back to my car, the tears began. It didn't help that the first song that came on was "On My Own" from Les Miserables. I met up with Dolly to take my mind off things with....
chocolate chip pancakes!!!Thanks a million Dolly for great conversation and a shoulder to cry on!! Before I ran home to do some laundry I grabbed some supplies for beginning of the year teacher gifts and what song was playing in Beverly's??? "One Is The Loneliest Number"-- I think the universe was sympathizing with me :)When I came back to grab her I got to sneek in and see how she was doing. This isn't the norm-- parents are ususally asked to stay outside until lunch and story is over. Libi was the helper today. She got to deliver and clean up all of the lunch supplies to her friends.She took her duties very seriously, even though I was there to distract her.Next it was story time and today it was Ron's favorite "The Gingerbread Man".Libi was transfixed-- her Daddy would be so proud :)Every day they write on the board what the kids did during the day. Today Libs used a glue stick-- I'm not sure if I'm happy about this or not. I don't know if I'm ready for her to know how to use all of these messy things like markers and glue sticks.
You may notice that she isn't wearing the same cute outfit she was when I dropped her off. My darling daughter decided that it would be fun to play in the drinking fountain. Her clothes were absolutely soaked-- front, side, back-- I'm not sure how she did it. I think we'll have to talk to her about how to properly use a drinking fountain as this was the first time she's ever seen one.Our nap today was too short-- so I wasn't sure how swimming would go.Luckily it all came together beautifully!!! Libs finally got her breathing and her kicking synced!!God bless Miss Karen and her patience!!!Here is proof that I need to take Libs to get her bangs cut. They are having a chat about why we don't open our mouths under the water.

You can actually see her move through the water-- such strong little legs :)

Miss Karen tried to get Libi to jump in from the step, but our head-strong daughter had to do it her own way (wading into the pool, then going underwater.)To celebrate the end of Ron's first day, Libi's successful day in preschool and at swimming, and me simply surviving we had a nice dinner at Islands. It was nice to spend some quality time just the three of us-- I'm hoping that this weekend will give us more time together.


Dolly said...

YEAH!!! you survived!! The comment about the songs playing on the radio were hysterical!!! Enjoyed our yummy breakfast.

Stacy said...

How funny about those songs that were on that day. She is an excellent swimmer. Please send the swim teacher our way, she seems fantastic.