Friday, August 21, 2009

"I need a towel over here."

This quote by Libi has many appropriate meanings for today...

She actually said it as we were driving home from her final swimming lesson. Ron and I were both cracking up because it is a line from the Bug's Life outtakes and we were shocked she remembered it!!

Her first occasion to need a towel today was at lunch with Nana and Pop. At the end of the meal, she always asks Pop for a wet towel and he is happy to oblige!When we arrived for our visit, Libs spent the first 5 minutes regaling her great-grandparents with all of her adventures. The conversation was mostly about swim lessons, but Nana steered it towards her "other" school.Probably the most exciting part of our visit was pulling carrots out of Nana's garden for lunch.Libs and Pop pulled 5 or 6 very tiny carrots for Libi to eat for lunch. She loved putting them into the little pot they got for her after Pop pulled them from the ground.Before you eat them Libi learned that you have to clean them.Nana helped a bit...and Pop supervised. I just LOVE this picture of the three of them!!! Libi has such an amazing relationship with her great-grandparents and I hope it will continue for a long, long time!Spoiled!!! Libi is super spoiled by Nana and Pop!!! Not only did she get a new outfit today in addition to the cooking set they got to add to her tea party set, but she also recieved a new musical card (this one was Tinkerbell) and some pink Play-doh to "cook" with.I was a bit nervous about the Play-doh being inside, but Libi can do things here that she can't do at home.It was so sweet watching Libi and Nana made cookies with the dough and then serve them to Pop and I.Nana taught her how to do the princess wave as she rode her bike-- super funny!!It was our last day of swimming lessons so there was lots of reviewing going on.Libs amazed me by diving down to get the ring and actually grabbing it on her first try!!!The 3:30 and 4 p.m. classes overlapped today. It was nice to have all 4 kids in the pool together cheering each other on!Grammy and Grampy also came to silently cheer from the side-lines. Libi loved showing off for them.There was lots of jumping in the pool, over and over again!They also did lots of diving! If you look closely you can see the orange ring in Libi's hand. She could've grabbed those rings all day long!Even on the last day there was no floating-- just a lot of splashing and kicking!We had such a GREAT experience with Miss Karen-- thanks a million to Amy and Howard for finding her and recommending her to us!! Libi was thrilled with her gift-- she got to bring home the orange ring-- and Mommy loved the picture magnet of Cade, Libi and Miss Karen."These boots are on the wrong foot" is the song that came to my mind when I saw this sight. Daddy left us again to attend the Back to School Dance so Libs and I were left at home to play. She dug through her dress up box and found these boots that are a bit too small for her.She squished herself into them....and began to sing....... VERY, VERY LOUDLY!!!! Aaah the joys of a "very active" 2 1/2 year old!!!

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