Monday, April 30, 2007

Jogging with Libs...

Today Libi wore her Nike jogging suit as we ran our errands. She looked so cute in her hot pink ball cap and jogging pants! We had to go to the gas station, Hallmark store, and post office and Miss Libs slept most of the time.

Daddy got home around 4 p.m. and our smiley girl got some good Daddy time. Mommy made orange chicken for dinner and we finished the evening watching The Holiday. It was a really sweet movie-- I recommend it!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A day with Daddy....

Mommy is still not sleeping well, so this morning Daddy and Grandpa Ron took Libs so I could sleep in. I think that Libi enjoyed her time with her grandfather-- she sees him so infrequently it's sad. We live so close and yet our schedules don't seem to mesh.

I officially got out of bed after noon today, so much of the day Libs has been with Daddy. Mommy is doing some scrapbooking now and later we'll run some errands.

We didn't do much today except relax as a family. This evening we went out dinner at IHOP and ran to Trader Joe's for Tobee's food. Libs is really talking up a storm and grasping at things.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

We survived our night alone...

Libi did great last night! She slept really well-- her normal schedule-- but I slept very lightly. This morning Libi woke up very happy. We spent most of the morning playing and waiting for Daddy to come home. Our little one is really smiley today-- hopefully we'll be able to get some good photos.

Daddy got home a little after 12:30 and he brought lunch! It was so nice to have him home again-- we all missed him last night. Today we will be resting at home and Daddy will stock up on his Libi time.

Daddy and Libs took a nap this afternoon while Mommy scrapbooked. I finally got to work on Libi's book of style-- she has so many outfits that are cute and special, I wanted her to have an album just for that.

Grandma Cris came over this evening for a visit, but Libs was a bit cranky for the first part of the visit so she stayed close to Daddy. After Grandma left we had a dinner that would be classified by Nana as a "bummer meal"-- my original idea failed, but at least I tried. We watched School of Rock and then went to bed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Dance Party...

It's a good thing that Libi had a good night last night, because I didn't. I couldn't fall asleep until after 11:30 then I woke up at 1 a.m. and was sick for over an hour. I was up most of the night while Libs and Daddy snored.

Libs woke up at about 9 a.m. this morning and entertained herself by talking to her bears until 9:30 which let me lay and relax a little longer. We are now eating breakfast-- Libi is chasing her breakfast by eating her fist. I am a little sad-- it has been a week since Libs last breastfed. She just lost interest in it, but I'm glad that she did it for over 3 months.

Last night before we went to bed Libs had a big night... She held her rattle alone for the first time. She used both hands and only needed some help in getting her initial grip on it. Then she kicked and shook it and even tried to bang it on her wooden changing table to hear the different sound. It was so fun for Daddy and I to watch this new behavior.

Earlier this week Libi began talking with her tongue sticking out. She makes the funniest noises with her tongue on the roof of her mouth or sticking out, but she loves it! It is fascinating for Daddy and I to see her language development from grunts to vowel sounds to experimenting with her palate.

Libi and I spent most of the day playing. She is really kicking her legs and talking up a storm. I got some cute pictures of her doing tummy time and talking to herself in the mirror-- they are on Picasa.

Tonight we went to Mint Canyon for a quick family portrait at 5 p.m. It was fun to have Daddy and Mommy wiggle around on the floor while the photo folks posed us. We all wore denim to match Libi's overalls. Hopefully the pictures will come out cute-- we'll let you know.

Libi and I then spent the rest of the evening at the Spring Fling family dance. Unfortunately, I was the only staff member who showed up so I was in charge. It was a long night of supervising the two kids from Rio Norte who DJ'd (they did a wonderful job), making sure the kids didn't escape from the MPR, and watching my daughter. Libi was wonderful at the dance-- she didn't cry, she was passed around to Mommy's friends, and she never needed a changing.

We got home a little before 9 p.m. and Aunt Andrea came over to spend some time with Libi. Unfortunately, Miss Libs was very tired and cranky so she cried during much of her aunt's visit. She finally settled down and gave her aunt some smiles before she left so it all ended OK.

Libi is now sleeping in her Boppy while I'm blogging and watching Huxtapalooza. It is my first night completely alone with Libi-- Daddy is at his retreat with his kids. Tobee, Libs and I will be going to bed soon-- we are all tired.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We might be on TV...

This morning Jammy stopped by on her way out of town. She spent some quality time with Libi while I took a shower, then we both gave Libi a bath. Jammy left at about 10 a.m. and Mommy kept working on laundry.

We spent much of our afternoon on the road to Los Angeles to go see Ann Marie's new shop, The Nanny School. We were asked to go to a Mommy and Me class there because Your LA a local TV show of channel 4 was doing a story on them. Libs was the youngest in the class and she did really well. Everyone was commenting on how cute she was-- we know that! The camera man seemed to really like her too-- I think they got a bunch of shots of us.

The store is nice-- they have a large play area with toys (that's where they do the Mommy and Me groups), a nursery, and an art room. They also had Bridget's picture in the hallways as art work. It was bright and cute and the kids who were there seemed to have a ball.

Tonight we will have hamburgers and a blooming onion (if I can get it to work-- it's a Paula Dean recipe.) Hopefully we will go to bed early, because I'm tired.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Libi is 14 weeks old...

Today as usual for a Wednesday, we went to Nana and Pop's house. This week Jammy Grammy was there because she had been dismissed from the jury yesterday. We were going to go out to lunch, but Nana's vertigo was bad today so we just hung out at the house.

Libi was in a much better mood today than she was when we visited last night. Boy Libs loves her Pop-- every time she saw him she broke into big smiles. We spent most of the afternoon on the patio because it was such a beautiful day. Again, Libi loves all of the greenery at Nana's house.

For the first time today Miss Libs really held onto a toy. She is starting to grab everything and put it in her mouth. Today she found a bug rattle that makes noises and lights up.

We are now home, Daddy has Libs and I'm cooking dinner-- chicken Parmesan. We will watch the results show of American Idol, do some light grocery shopping, and go to bed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday and Tuesday news...

Yesterday was a very busy day for us here on More Court. Jammy came into town about 3 p.m., but on her way across the valley she was rear-ended. She is doing fine and her car is OK to drive, just a little smooshed.

After a quick visit with Jammy we went to dinner with Dick from USA Tours. It was nice for him to meet Libi and nice for Mommy to get out of the house. After dinner Libi and I went to Mervyns and the Mall. We were able to get our pictures from JC Penny early-- boy was Daddy surprised! They came out very cute-- you can see them on Picasa (please don't tell them we scanned them in.)

The meeting at Daddy's school took a lot longer than he anticipated, but it was OK with Mommy-- I got to chat with Diane Schmidt. After the meeting Diane's son Stephen got to hold Libi-- he's very good with her.

Today was a laundry day at the house. Libi has been a bit out of sorts for most of the day. There is very little that I can do to make her happy. Jammy got dismissed from her jury so she will be going home on Thursday-- I'm a bit bummed because it would be nice to have her here for 6 weeks.

We went to Nana and Pop's for a pizza dinner tonight and Miss Libs was cranky most of the visit. Jammy did get her to calm down by showing her things in Nana's yard. Libi really likes greenery and nature-- I wish we had some in our yard for her to enjoy. Hopefully soon we will have grass and other plant life in our yard :)

We are watching American Idol tonight, then I'll vote to give money to charity, and I'll crash!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!

We had another good night last night. Libi and I went to bed about 8:30 and we got up about 8:30 with 2 diaper changes in between. Our little girl is getting bigger-- she is beginning to get chubby cheeks, a filled out middle, and her chicken legs have meat on them. We are giving her 6 oz. of formula at a time, because 4 oz. just isn't doing it any more.

Daddy is at work this morning, so Libi, Tobee and I are taking it easy. Libs is currently in her swing. More and more she is enjoying seeing the world around her. Bright colors and things in motion make her laugh and smile as does the wacky things her parents do. It's amazing what we will do to make her smile-- faces, noises, songs, and wacky dances.

Libi, Tobee, and I took a little nap on the sofa. Daddy came home and we had Chipotle for lunch.

In the mail yesterday I received a brochure for a baby product called L.E.N.A It is a program which for $780 will record every work your child hears then upload it to the computer and chart how many words they are hearing a day. They say that research shows that kids who hear 33,000 words per day have much higher IQ's then those who hear fewer words. The device must be put into a special pouch in specially made clothing, which you can buy separately. They offered us a free profile to see if Libi was on the right track. Ron entered in all of her stats and just as he predicted--- she is advanced. Her current age is 3 months 5 days and her developmental age is over 5 months-- so much for the L.E.N.A. system-- I guess we are doing OK on our own!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm behind...

Sorry I'm a bit behind in my writing.

Thursday was a very busy day! We slept in a bit due to our late night celebration that Sanjaya was voted off American Idol. Libs and I got up, threw on clothes and went to Mint Canyon. We had to visit Dolly who was Principal for the day.

We surprised my students and introduced Libi to them. It was really funny--- Aunt Betsy (the principal), Dolly and Joan (the two parent principals for the day) stood in front of me so we could do a big reveal when the kids came in. Lynette was very hospitable and she told me I could take as long as I wanted, but I kept it brief.

The kids were very sweet and asked a lot of questions. You forget that fifth and sixth graders don't know much about babies, but once they ask you questions like "Is she walking?" you remember. They all though Miss Libs was darling.

I also turned in my paperwork for a leave of absence for the 07-08 school year. It was a tough decision because I love what I do, but I love my daughter more! It was tough to tell my friends that I won't be on campus with them next year, but I'll never get this time back with Libi if I worked.

Then Libs and I ran some errands-- we picked up sweatshirts for Daddy, picked up pictures at Walmart, and delivered the shirts to Rio Norte. While we were at Daddy's school he showed off Libi to his history students. It was funny for Mommy to watch him teach with Libi drooling on his arm. The class was discussing gun control after the Virginia Tech incident and Miss Libs was chatting along. She already has very strong opinions about everything, if only we could understand what she was trying to say.

Thursday night Jammy watched Libi while we went to Daddy's teacher tribute dinner. It was really nice to see folks from Daddy and Mommy's district and to get to show off pictures of our pretty girl. Everyone was oohing and aahing over our little girl.

Daddy had some really nice things said about him at the awards ceremony. He also got a nice award and some other gifts in his swag bag. As an additional surprise, three of his students stopped by at the end of the awards ceremony. He has some really special kids in 8th grade this year and we will both miss them when they're gone. Kali, Stephen and John all came to wish Daddy congratulations.

Friday was a very cold and wet day, so Libi and I stayed inside in our pajamas all day long. Jammy went to court, but still doesn't know if she'll be on the jury. She will be back in town Monday for court on Tuesday-- then we'll see if she'll be on the 6 week jury.

Daddy came home pretty early to spend some time with Lib and take a nap. Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito came over for some Libi time in the evening before dinner. Grandpa hasn't been over for a while, so he noticed a lot of change in Miss Libs. She is filling out and becoming more alert every day.

We turned in early last night because we all needed it! It was a good night, with Miss Libs only waking up once for a diaper change.

This morning we are taking it easy. Libi and Daddy are watching Little Einsteins while I catch up on my blogging. We are thinking of running down to Pasadena to grab some stuff for me to organize my scrapbooking room, but it will be a fast trip.

We had a really nice time in Pasadena. We walked Colorado Blvd., went to the Container Store, and visited their Earth Day festivities. Lunch was at Wokano-- a little Chinese restaurant with a waitress who thought Libi was cute.

Once we were home Mommy gave Daddy and Libi some one on one time while I started on my scrapbook room. After dinner, we gave Libi a bath. She is getting too big for the sling in her bathtub so we tried something different. We put a big sponge in the bottom of her tub, allowing her to sit up in her bath. She seemed to really enjoy it! We are now preparing for dessert and dinner.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Libi is 3 months old...

Today Libi is 13 weeks old, so she is now officially 3 months old. We spent the day in our usual Wednesday way--- at Nana and Pop's. Libi showed off all of her new skills-- she sat up, was really alert, and talked to her great-grandparents. Jammy was able to come down after her eye appointment.... the more the merrier!

We came home and poor Daddy forgot that he had a dinner meeting to honor his principal, so he had precious little time at home. Jammy and I decided to go out to dinner at BJ's. It was a nice dinner and Mommy saw her friend Pam from work.

Jammy and I are home now watching "Thank God You're Here" and waiting for Daddy to come home. Tomorrow Jammy reports for jury duty so we'll let you know how long she'll be at our house after she gets home.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Car repair day...

Today we needed to take the car in for our 24,000 mile service. While the car was in the shop, Jammy, Lib and I went to Barnes and Noble for breakfast at Starbucks and some book shopping. No one shops for books like Jammy Grammy! Libi is very lucky to have a grandma who values reading and books as much as her Jammy does-- I think it's the former librarian in her.

We came home and spent the rest of the day hanging out at the house. Mommy did some laundry and organization in her scrapbook room while Jammy and Daddy hung out with Libs.

Tonight Jammy, Libs and I watched American Idol while Daddy did a presentation at school. Tomorrow we will go to Nana and Pop's house for our weekly visit.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A wonderful day!

Sorry we didn't write yesterday, but it was a very, very busy day!!! We were initially planning to go see Wicked on Sunday, which is why Jammy came down so early for her jury duty. I was e-mailed by a friend from work who needed two extra tickets to the show, so I decided to sell her mine. With that void in our schedule we decided to fill it by taking Libi on her first visit to.....


Libi had a great time! She loved all of the motion around her. Her first ride was "It's a Small World" and through the ride her eyes were so large--- until she fell asleep! We then went to see Mickey. Libi's bottle ran out at the same second we were ushered in to see the Mouse and she screamed her head off!

It was a quick trip-- we also had lunch and rode Pooh. Libi seemed to really enjoy everything about the park and we can't wait to go back again soon.

We got home, grabbed Aunt Andrea's birthday gifts, left Jammy and Libi at home to rest, and went to the Ippolito's for Daddy and Aunt Andrea's birthday celebrations. The family was shocked that we left our precious little one at home, but she was really tired.

Dinner was really fun-- Violet came to join the family, dinner was a yummy meatloaf, and Daddy got nice gifts.

Today Jammy, Libi and I will go on an adventure. We don't know where we're going yet, but I'll let you know later.

We decided to visit the LA Zoo. It was a nice day, weather wise and many of the animals were active. There were quite a few school groups there and Miss Libs smiled and laughed every time the kids walked by us.

The rest of the evening was pretty low key with dinner at the house and time with Jammy.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday with Chatty Libi...

This morning we are all up early. Libi is chatting away-- amazing her father as to how chatty she is first thing in the morning. She is currently talking to her stuffed Lumpy and telling him all about her adventures yesterday. Daddy is getting ready to go do UCLA interviews and Mommy is preparing for a visit from Jammy Grammy.

Libi and I went down to the valley with Daddy. While he was interviewing candidates for the UCLA scholarship, we went to the Promenade and Topanga Mall. We bought some scrapbooking papers and stickers for Angus and Granpa.

After the interviews, the whole family went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We had a great time-- Libi slept through the beginning of the meal and then was chatting with the girls at the table next to us.

When we got home we finished watching Happy Feet and waited for Jammy Grammy. Jammy brought us strawberries-- which were yummy! We all had a nice dinner together and then went to bed!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Daddy's 32nd Birthday! In honor of his birthday, Libi and I baked him a chocolate chip pie and wrapped his gifts this morning. We then ran to Nana and Pop's house for our weekly visit.

We had a good time at Nana and Pop's house. Mommy even ran out to look for a purple bow and left Libi and Tobee alone with her great-grandparents. All went well because when I came back she was fast asleep. We left shortly after lunch so we could be home when Daddy arrived.

Daddy got home a little after 3 p.m. and he immediately opened his gifts. He got 2 very nice shirts from Nana and Pop in addition to 6 yummy cupcakes that Nana baked. Libi got her Daddy a photo shoot at JC Penney and 2 frames and Mommy got him tickets to the Police concert. We will be leaving the house shortly for our photo appointment-- we'll let you know how it went when we get home!

The photo shoot was nice, but the lady was working alone so we had lots of interruptions which didn't always sit well with Miss Libs. We got some beautiful shots though and have decided to make it a yearly tradition on Daddy's Birthday!

Afterwards we ran to Target and Ralphs for some light shopping-- when we finally got home it was 8 p.m. Mommy got right to work cooking, but we didn't eat until nearly 9--- sorry Daddy! Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito stopped by to wish Daddy a "Happy Birthday" during dinner and, of course, they wanted to see Libs who was also eating.

While we ate we watched "Happy Feet"-- this was Daddy's one request for his special day. It is a pretty cute movie (what we've seen so far-- Mommy began to fall asleep in the middle.)

We all sang to Daddy before digging into his chocolate chip birthday pie. Libi decided that Daddy should have a Star Wars themed birthday with a Darth Vader candle on his pie and Star Wars plates and napkins since Mommy won't buy him the lightsaber he wants.

After eating our pie we all went to bed. As part of his present, Mommy did all of the diaper changes in the middle of the night. Again we want to wish "Happy Birthday" to the greatest Daddy ever!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy baby!

This morning we woke up from another good, long night. Libi woke up once at 4 a.m. for a diaper change and food. She woke up again at 6 a.m. and moved into the bed with Mommy to snuggle. We both woke up smiling at 8:30 :)

While Mommy ate this morning Libi was busy kicking her blanket off herself and playing/talking to her mobile in her bassinet.

I'm not sure what we'll do today-- it is very windy outside! Libi and I also have to get ready for Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito to come over and watch her tonight. Daddy has Open House and Mommy is going to make Dream Dinners with three friends from school.

Libi has slept a great deal of the day today. When she was awake we played, talked and watched a Walt Disney World DVD. Mommy cried through the whole thing as she was thinking of how much fun it will be to take Libi to her favorite place. Libi liked all of the colors and especially enjoyed the fireworks!

All Libi's sleeping has given Mommy a chance to clean up the living room, unload and re-load the dishwasher and plan dinner. It has given Tobee a chance to snuggle up next to her sister and sleep as well so she'll be all rested when her Grandparents get here.

We are waiting for Daddy to come home-- he says he'll be home about 2 p.m. so he can get ready for Open House. We'll have a quick dinner before he goes of beef carbonara-- OK it's not quick to make-- it takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Libi is 12 weeks old!

We had another good night last night. Libi is sleeping well in her bassinet and we will soon move her into her crib.

We don't know what we'll do today-- Nana isn't feeling well so we've delayed our visit to their house. I'll find something fun to take my little chatty one to.

Libi and I ran around and did some errands and walked through some shops. Our big task was buying some cards for Daddy's birthday on Friday. Libi is keen on anything with glitter Every time I would hold up a card with glitter she would smile and giggle. So if you get a glittered card in the mail-- it will most likely be from my girly girl!

We went to Rio Norte to see Daddy, but unfortunately he ran home to surprise us. We got to visit with all the nice ladies in the office and see almost all of Daddy's team-mates. When we finally called him since we couldn't find him anywhere on campus he told us the funny news. Libi and I waited for him to return to campus for his staff meeting so we could say hi!

Tonight we will have a family dinner and we will see who's getting the boot from American Idol-- we are hoping for Phil to get the boot or Sanjaya.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I think we have a routine!

We are now settling into a nightly routine-- Libs falls asleep around 9 or 9:30 p.m., wakes up around 4 a.m. for a diaper change, and then settles back in until nearly 9 a.m. While the books say that she should be getting 10 hours of sleep a night we sometimes get a bit more :) I think this works well considering that most days she doesn't take very long naps during the day.

This morning Libi has been playing with her new hedgehog and counting worm. She is telling them all stories-- talking up a storm! I wish that I could translate her baby talk-- it sounds like she's telling them interesting things.

We spent over an hour this morning in Libi's room. She was enjoying kicky time on her Baby Einstein mat. She also loves looking at her books and gliding on her ottoman. While she took a short nap I took a shower. We currently downstairs-- Libi is stuffing her fist in her mouth seeing how much of it she can get in there and I'm learning how to make 40 garlic clove chicken.

Daddy came home kinda early today, so he could spent some quality time with Libs. I took the opportunity to straighten up in the bonus room. It is my goal to have my scrapbook room moved and organized before the summer begins.

Libi has begun something new-- she is leaning forward and watching the TV when we are watching things like the Cosby Show and American Idol. It is really funny to watch, she leans and drools and is totally fixated on the motion on the TV. She is just like Mommy though-- she cried when Sanjaya sang-- he needs to go!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Finally a day to rest!

Libi and Daddy went to bed early last night-- and Mommy wasn't far behind! We all had a busy week and therefore today is a time for rest.

Libi and I woke up late and spent the morning playing, watching TV and napping. We waited patiently for Jammy to get back from court. She got back around 1 p.m. and got some quality Libi time. We put Libi on her tummy and she's getting ready to roll over. She also really enjoyed playing with her sea toys-- she's learning how to make them light up and sing for her.

This evening Daddy, Jammy, Mommy and Libs went to ChiChi's for dinner. Libi was adored by all-- which made her proud Daddy beam.

We then ran Jammy down to the Burbank Airport to catch a flight back home. Unfortunately, Jammy's flight was delayed and she got a call from the courts asking her to return to the court on Wednesday. She might be placed on a 14 week trial-- beginning a week earlier than planned. The only good thing about that is that Jammy will get lots of Libi time.

Daddy and I walked through Frye's and we bought some electric things. We then hopped on the freeway and came home. Daddy is now working on his yearbook-- which is stressing him out-- and Mommy and Libi are watching a new show "Thank God You're Here." Mommy laughed so hard that she almost woke Libi up-- they do some funny stuff on this show.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Today is Libi's first Easter! We had a really nice brunch at the house with Jammy, Granpa, Nana, Pop, Aunt Andrea, Aunt Violet, Grandma, and Grandpa. Mommy and Daddy spent the morning preparing breakfast items while Libi slept in her bassinet.

It was really wonderful to have everyone together! The Easter Bunny brought Libi lots of cute toys and clothes-- we'll put the pictures online later today.

After everyone left Libi made her first of several outfit changes to go to her Great Uncle Jose and Great Aunt Anne's house. We had a great time up there visiting with their family and eating some lunch.

We are now at home and everyone is tired! Jammy will spend the night here tonight before she goes for her federal jury survey tomorrow. Libi and I are planning on having a quiet day at home tomorrow-- we both need it!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Eve....

Well it has been a very eventful day-- you can tell by the fact that I'm not blogging until 10:15 at night!

Daddy got home early last night-- surprising Mommy! We spent some quality time together at 11 p.m. last night so that Libi could reconnect with her Daddy, whom she missed! We all went to bed and with the exception of two diaper changes, we had a good night!

This morning Mommy and Libi woke up early-- we had lots to do today. Daddy slept in and tried to recoup from his trip. We spent a great deal of the day just getting caught up on what everyone did the past week. Daddy had a great time on the east coast and Libs and I had fun in Stockton.

I had tons to tell him about how much Libi is changing. Libi can almost sit up now... her neck muscles are getting so strong! She is reaching for objects. She realizes that she can effect things-- she is batting at toys to make them swing, she is kicking off her blankets as a game, she is very smiley and loves to talk to people. She also cried her first tear while we were in Stockton-- Mommy is not excited about this milestone-- it makes her cry too!

Daddy and Libs took a nap while I ran to the grocery for last minute things for tomorrow's brunch. I woke Libs up (sorry Jammy who says to never wake a sleeping baby) to go see Mimi and Pop-Pop (Bonnie and Jim). It was really nice to see them, Marni, and her 2 kids. Bonnie and Jim gave Libs a darling rabbit that talks for Easter-- they are so thoughtful!

We ran home, woke up Daddy, and drove to Nana and Pop's for Easter Eve dinner. It was a yummy dinner of ham, potatoes, rolls, grapes and chocolate cake. Libi was a bit fussy after dinner, luckily she was a dream during dinner :) We left before we could open Easter gifts due to Libi and Mommy's fussiness (Mommy still gets stressed whenever company is coming over-- she needs to lighten up!)

Mommy spent the night prepping items for brunch and cleaning. Libi spent part of the night in the Baby Bjorn helping Mommy and the rest being fed and loved by Daddy. Daddy spent his time vacuuming and doing his laundry.

Libi and I are now sitting on the sofa-- she and I are both fighting the urge to go to sleep. We will both succumb to our cozy bed in just a few minutes!

Friday, April 6, 2007

The trip home...

We had another good night last night! We woke up this morning and packed up the last of our things. Mommy loaded the car for the first time since Libi was born-- it's amazing how much more stuff you need with a baby!

We departed Stockton about 11 a.m. and traveled along Interstate 5. We stopped at Harris Ranch for a walk and restroom, then booked it home. We arrived in Canyon Country around 4 p.m.

I unpacked Libi's clothes--we always come back with more clothes after visits to Jammy's house. We are now relaxing and watching TV. Granpa is driving down from Stockton as we speak and Daddy is flying home. Jammy and Granpa will spend the night at Nana and Pop's tonight. Daddy should be home around midnight-- we are all excited to see him!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our last full day in Stockton...

We had another great night last night. Most of the nights in Stockton Libi has slept 6-8 hours straight. It has been heavenly for Mommy! It has also been nice to have Jammy take Libs in the mornings so Mommy can have some alone time in bed (not really alone, it's usually with Tobee.)

This morning we met Valerie at Starbucks at the Mall. It was nice chatting with the girls over breakfast. Libi looked really cute in her pink dress and hat.

We then went to JC Penny to see if we could have some pictures taken of Libi-- they were all booked up until the afternoon. Instead of waiting, we went shopping at Gymboree. Jammy had some coupons for today and the whole store was on sale!

Jammy then drove us to pick-up the bunny pictures from yesterday. They came out really cute-- again we'll be sharing them after I get home and scan them in.

We met Chris, Leslie, Kim and Sophia ( a little girl a month older than Libi) for lunch at an Italian restaurant. Sophia is a much larger girl than my petite Libi, but she is quite cute. She spent most of the lunch smiling at me while Libi was focused on Jammy. It was nice to spend time with Jammy's Stockton friends today.

After lunch we came home and Renia came over to do a photo shoot. It was a lot of fun-- she brought props like eggs and Easter grass along with some nice backdrops. We had Libi in 3 outfits-- a pink dress, a casual Easter onesie with khakis, and her baptism dress. She wasn't very smiley, but a lot of the nearly 600 pictures came out darling!

Granpa came home about the same time Renia was leaving, both Libi and Tobee were happy he was home. We had a dinner of eggs and toast followed by more of Libi's 11 week old birthday cake. Tonight we will give Libi a bath and pack up for our drive home tomorrow.

We have had so much fun with Jammy and Granpa-- the week went by really fast! We look forward to this tradition continuing next year when Daddy again goes to the East Coast, however we are all anxious to see Daddy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A very booked Wednesday...

Libi slept from 9:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. and it's a good thing- we have a very busy day today. This morning Libs was fed breakfast by Mommy and Jammy. We then got ready for our day-- today we have a nail appointment, a lunch date, and Mommy has a hockey game to go to with Granpa.

We ran over to get our nails done with Jammy's nail girl, Patty. It was nice for Mommy to get a manicure-- she doesn't do that very often. While Jammy got her nails done, Mommy and I went to the 99 cent store. We didn't buy anything, but several people said that Libs was "beautiful"!

After Jammy and Mommy we beautified we went to lunch with Renia at CPK. Libs was a bit fussy, but after Jammy walked her around the mall she slept through the rest of lunch.

The girls at the nail place told Jammy about a photo place that takes Easter pictures with real bunnies-- so after lunch we ran over there. It was a little one-hour photo place with a small studio on the side. The man who took the photos seemed a bit strange at first, but he was really good with Libi. When I get home on Friday, I'll scan in the photos in and put them on Picasa-- they are really cute!

We then came home to spend more time with Renia, but Mommy was very tired so she and Libi took a nap instead. We even decided not to go to the hockey game tonight because of Mommy's tired state!

This evening we will eat chicken in the wok-- a Granpa specialty-- and then we'll watch the American Idol results show.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday at the office...

Today we went to Granpa's office to meet all of his co-workers. We left the house after the alarm repair man fixed Jammy's windows.

It was fun meeting all of the folks at Consol. Granpa especially liked the fact that Libs was most at ease in his arms. He carried her all over the building so she could meet everyone.

After we left the office, we went to Sherwood Mall to meet the Easter Bunny. It was fun to have Libi awake for this visit to the bunny-- she didn't seem to mind him too much either. Mommy and Jammy then had lunch and did a little window shopping.

We left the mall and went to Regala Bella-- a store that has really cute stuff. We got a darling purple headband with three bows for our fashion plate. We then ran to Petsmart and Babies R Us for Tobee food and Libi clothes. Mommy found some very fun outfits on the clearance rack-- so Daddy doesn't have to worry that Mommy is spending too much money.

We are back at the house doing laundry and relaxing. Granpa is playing racquetball tonight, so we'll have a late dinner.

Tonight it was low key. We fended for ourselves for dinner. Libi wore her cowgirl outfit again today for more photos-- you can check them out on Picasa. After American Idol we are going to bed.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sacramento Zoo Day!

Today we drove to the Sacramento Zoo. Parking was a bit tough, but one very nice lady with a stroller gave us her prime spot.

Libi was awake for most of the zoo. We saw the baby tigers, sleeping lions, orangutans, zebras, ostrich, red pandas, giraffes, lots of birds, and their "train". The zoo was nice and small-- you could get very close to the animals. Libi was much more aware of things going on around her during this visit. She spent most of the day being carried by Mommy or Jammy while the stroller was just for stuff.

Across the street there is a little park called Fairy Tale Land-- it is very cute. We will definitely have to come back when Miss Libs is a bit bigger!

On the way home we stopped at Memories for the Making to do a little scrapbook shopping. Libi fell asleep on the drive home from there and she is currently sleeping in her car seat on the sofa.

Tonight we will go see Guy at Bob's Marina for burgers for dinner. We will write more when we get home tonight.

Bob and Renia joined us at Bob's for burgers. It was nice to spend some time with them. They also came back to the house for a bit so they could see Tobee and spend more time with Libs. It is now 9:30 and we have just given Libi a bath-- Granpa wanted to see Libi in the water.

Daddy called and is having a good time. Today he and his students saw the capitol, Union Station, Ford's Theater, more monuments, and they went on a dinner cruise. He is very tired and he has a sore throat, but he is hanging in. He sent a darling video to Libi and she sat and watched it very intently.

We are getting ready to settle down for the night. Tomorrow we are going to see Granpa at work and I think we're going to the mall for Easter bunny pictures.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunday in Stockton...

We had a great night last night. Libi went down between 8:30 and 9 p.m. and didn't wake up until 4 a.m. Granpa held Libs while Mommy got a bottle together, then Mommy and Libi went back to bed and Tobee went to Jammy Grammy and Granpa's room. At 7:30 we got up for good.

Granpa had a stamp show today in Sacramento and we decided to tag along. Libi slept the entire way to the show, while Mommy, Jammy and Granpa listened to Neil Diamond. The show was pretty little and everyone was impressed that Libi was starting her career as a philatelist so young! Granpa was very pleased to show her off-- we even got some cute pictures of our little stamp collector.

We took 99 home so Mommy could see some new sites. Our lunch was at a little restaurant called The Airport Cafe in Lodi. It is on the tarmac of the tiny Lodi airport. As we pulled in there were skydivers landing in a nearby field and a small plane taking off. The restaurant was little but very good and everyone thought Libi was darling. She was awake through most of lunch, but behaved beautifully. On the way out of the airport we stopped to take some photos which I will upload shortly to Picasa.

We are now home resting from our adventure. We will be having dinner here at the house and turn in early for the start of our weekday adventures tomorrow.

Jammy made chicken for dinner and Mommy baked a cake for dessert. We spent the evening playing a new game-- Libi likes to kick her blanket off when she's sitting in her papasan. She has gotten really good at it and does it quicker every time you play.

We heard from Daddy via phone, photos and video and he is having fun in Washington D.C. He has great kids in his chaperone rooms-- the Schmidt boys, drama boys and some ASB kids. They did lots today-- Arlington, some monuments, Mount Vernon, and the hotel check in. Daddy is tired, but having fun. He is recording nightly videos for Libi so she doesn't forget him-- like she could :)