Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!

We had another good night last night. Libi and I went to bed about 8:30 and we got up about 8:30 with 2 diaper changes in between. Our little girl is getting bigger-- she is beginning to get chubby cheeks, a filled out middle, and her chicken legs have meat on them. We are giving her 6 oz. of formula at a time, because 4 oz. just isn't doing it any more.

Daddy is at work this morning, so Libi, Tobee and I are taking it easy. Libs is currently in her swing. More and more she is enjoying seeing the world around her. Bright colors and things in motion make her laugh and smile as does the wacky things her parents do. It's amazing what we will do to make her smile-- faces, noises, songs, and wacky dances.

Libi, Tobee, and I took a little nap on the sofa. Daddy came home and we had Chipotle for lunch.

In the mail yesterday I received a brochure for a baby product called L.E.N.A It is a program which for $780 will record every work your child hears then upload it to the computer and chart how many words they are hearing a day. They say that research shows that kids who hear 33,000 words per day have much higher IQ's then those who hear fewer words. The device must be put into a special pouch in specially made clothing, which you can buy separately. They offered us a free profile to see if Libi was on the right track. Ron entered in all of her stats and just as he predicted--- she is advanced. Her current age is 3 months 5 days and her developmental age is over 5 months-- so much for the L.E.N.A. system-- I guess we are doing OK on our own!

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