Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Libi is 14 weeks old...

Today as usual for a Wednesday, we went to Nana and Pop's house. This week Jammy Grammy was there because she had been dismissed from the jury yesterday. We were going to go out to lunch, but Nana's vertigo was bad today so we just hung out at the house.

Libi was in a much better mood today than she was when we visited last night. Boy Libs loves her Pop-- every time she saw him she broke into big smiles. We spent most of the afternoon on the patio because it was such a beautiful day. Again, Libi loves all of the greenery at Nana's house.

For the first time today Miss Libs really held onto a toy. She is starting to grab everything and put it in her mouth. Today she found a bug rattle that makes noises and lights up.

We are now home, Daddy has Libs and I'm cooking dinner-- chicken Parmesan. We will watch the results show of American Idol, do some light grocery shopping, and go to bed.

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