Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday at the office...

Today we went to Granpa's office to meet all of his co-workers. We left the house after the alarm repair man fixed Jammy's windows.

It was fun meeting all of the folks at Consol. Granpa especially liked the fact that Libs was most at ease in his arms. He carried her all over the building so she could meet everyone.

After we left the office, we went to Sherwood Mall to meet the Easter Bunny. It was fun to have Libi awake for this visit to the bunny-- she didn't seem to mind him too much either. Mommy and Jammy then had lunch and did a little window shopping.

We left the mall and went to Regala Bella-- a store that has really cute stuff. We got a darling purple headband with three bows for our fashion plate. We then ran to Petsmart and Babies R Us for Tobee food and Libi clothes. Mommy found some very fun outfits on the clearance rack-- so Daddy doesn't have to worry that Mommy is spending too much money.

We are back at the house doing laundry and relaxing. Granpa is playing racquetball tonight, so we'll have a late dinner.

Tonight it was low key. We fended for ourselves for dinner. Libi wore her cowgirl outfit again today for more photos-- you can check them out on Picasa. After American Idol we are going to bed.

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