Saturday, April 28, 2007

We survived our night alone...

Libi did great last night! She slept really well-- her normal schedule-- but I slept very lightly. This morning Libi woke up very happy. We spent most of the morning playing and waiting for Daddy to come home. Our little one is really smiley today-- hopefully we'll be able to get some good photos.

Daddy got home a little after 12:30 and he brought lunch! It was so nice to have him home again-- we all missed him last night. Today we will be resting at home and Daddy will stock up on his Libi time.

Daddy and Libs took a nap this afternoon while Mommy scrapbooked. I finally got to work on Libi's book of style-- she has so many outfits that are cute and special, I wanted her to have an album just for that.

Grandma Cris came over this evening for a visit, but Libs was a bit cranky for the first part of the visit so she stayed close to Daddy. After Grandma left we had a dinner that would be classified by Nana as a "bummer meal"-- my original idea failed, but at least I tried. We watched School of Rock and then went to bed.

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