Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Eve....

Well it has been a very eventful day-- you can tell by the fact that I'm not blogging until 10:15 at night!

Daddy got home early last night-- surprising Mommy! We spent some quality time together at 11 p.m. last night so that Libi could reconnect with her Daddy, whom she missed! We all went to bed and with the exception of two diaper changes, we had a good night!

This morning Mommy and Libi woke up early-- we had lots to do today. Daddy slept in and tried to recoup from his trip. We spent a great deal of the day just getting caught up on what everyone did the past week. Daddy had a great time on the east coast and Libs and I had fun in Stockton.

I had tons to tell him about how much Libi is changing. Libi can almost sit up now... her neck muscles are getting so strong! She is reaching for objects. She realizes that she can effect things-- she is batting at toys to make them swing, she is kicking off her blankets as a game, she is very smiley and loves to talk to people. She also cried her first tear while we were in Stockton-- Mommy is not excited about this milestone-- it makes her cry too!

Daddy and Libs took a nap while I ran to the grocery for last minute things for tomorrow's brunch. I woke Libs up (sorry Jammy who says to never wake a sleeping baby) to go see Mimi and Pop-Pop (Bonnie and Jim). It was really nice to see them, Marni, and her 2 kids. Bonnie and Jim gave Libs a darling rabbit that talks for Easter-- they are so thoughtful!

We ran home, woke up Daddy, and drove to Nana and Pop's for Easter Eve dinner. It was a yummy dinner of ham, potatoes, rolls, grapes and chocolate cake. Libi was a bit fussy after dinner, luckily she was a dream during dinner :) We left before we could open Easter gifts due to Libi and Mommy's fussiness (Mommy still gets stressed whenever company is coming over-- she needs to lighten up!)

Mommy spent the night prepping items for brunch and cleaning. Libi spent part of the night in the Baby Bjorn helping Mommy and the rest being fed and loved by Daddy. Daddy spent his time vacuuming and doing his laundry.

Libi and I are now sitting on the sofa-- she and I are both fighting the urge to go to sleep. We will both succumb to our cozy bed in just a few minutes!

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