Thursday, April 5, 2007

Our last full day in Stockton...

We had another great night last night. Most of the nights in Stockton Libi has slept 6-8 hours straight. It has been heavenly for Mommy! It has also been nice to have Jammy take Libs in the mornings so Mommy can have some alone time in bed (not really alone, it's usually with Tobee.)

This morning we met Valerie at Starbucks at the Mall. It was nice chatting with the girls over breakfast. Libi looked really cute in her pink dress and hat.

We then went to JC Penny to see if we could have some pictures taken of Libi-- they were all booked up until the afternoon. Instead of waiting, we went shopping at Gymboree. Jammy had some coupons for today and the whole store was on sale!

Jammy then drove us to pick-up the bunny pictures from yesterday. They came out really cute-- again we'll be sharing them after I get home and scan them in.

We met Chris, Leslie, Kim and Sophia ( a little girl a month older than Libi) for lunch at an Italian restaurant. Sophia is a much larger girl than my petite Libi, but she is quite cute. She spent most of the lunch smiling at me while Libi was focused on Jammy. It was nice to spend time with Jammy's Stockton friends today.

After lunch we came home and Renia came over to do a photo shoot. It was a lot of fun-- she brought props like eggs and Easter grass along with some nice backdrops. We had Libi in 3 outfits-- a pink dress, a casual Easter onesie with khakis, and her baptism dress. She wasn't very smiley, but a lot of the nearly 600 pictures came out darling!

Granpa came home about the same time Renia was leaving, both Libi and Tobee were happy he was home. We had a dinner of eggs and toast followed by more of Libi's 11 week old birthday cake. Tonight we will give Libi a bath and pack up for our drive home tomorrow.

We have had so much fun with Jammy and Granpa-- the week went by really fast! We look forward to this tradition continuing next year when Daddy again goes to the East Coast, however we are all anxious to see Daddy!

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