Monday, April 9, 2007

Finally a day to rest!

Libi and Daddy went to bed early last night-- and Mommy wasn't far behind! We all had a busy week and therefore today is a time for rest.

Libi and I woke up late and spent the morning playing, watching TV and napping. We waited patiently for Jammy to get back from court. She got back around 1 p.m. and got some quality Libi time. We put Libi on her tummy and she's getting ready to roll over. She also really enjoyed playing with her sea toys-- she's learning how to make them light up and sing for her.

This evening Daddy, Jammy, Mommy and Libs went to ChiChi's for dinner. Libi was adored by all-- which made her proud Daddy beam.

We then ran Jammy down to the Burbank Airport to catch a flight back home. Unfortunately, Jammy's flight was delayed and she got a call from the courts asking her to return to the court on Wednesday. She might be placed on a 14 week trial-- beginning a week earlier than planned. The only good thing about that is that Jammy will get lots of Libi time.

Daddy and I walked through Frye's and we bought some electric things. We then hopped on the freeway and came home. Daddy is now working on his yearbook-- which is stressing him out-- and Mommy and Libi are watching a new show "Thank God You're Here." Mommy laughed so hard that she almost woke Libi up-- they do some funny stuff on this show.

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