Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday and Tuesday news...

Yesterday was a very busy day for us here on More Court. Jammy came into town about 3 p.m., but on her way across the valley she was rear-ended. She is doing fine and her car is OK to drive, just a little smooshed.

After a quick visit with Jammy we went to dinner with Dick from USA Tours. It was nice for him to meet Libi and nice for Mommy to get out of the house. After dinner Libi and I went to Mervyns and the Mall. We were able to get our pictures from JC Penny early-- boy was Daddy surprised! They came out very cute-- you can see them on Picasa (please don't tell them we scanned them in.)

The meeting at Daddy's school took a lot longer than he anticipated, but it was OK with Mommy-- I got to chat with Diane Schmidt. After the meeting Diane's son Stephen got to hold Libi-- he's very good with her.

Today was a laundry day at the house. Libi has been a bit out of sorts for most of the day. There is very little that I can do to make her happy. Jammy got dismissed from her jury so she will be going home on Thursday-- I'm a bit bummed because it would be nice to have her here for 6 weeks.

We went to Nana and Pop's for a pizza dinner tonight and Miss Libs was cranky most of the visit. Jammy did get her to calm down by showing her things in Nana's yard. Libi really likes greenery and nature-- I wish we had some in our yard for her to enjoy. Hopefully soon we will have grass and other plant life in our yard :)

We are watching American Idol tonight, then I'll vote to give money to charity, and I'll crash!

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