Thursday, April 26, 2007

We might be on TV...

This morning Jammy stopped by on her way out of town. She spent some quality time with Libi while I took a shower, then we both gave Libi a bath. Jammy left at about 10 a.m. and Mommy kept working on laundry.

We spent much of our afternoon on the road to Los Angeles to go see Ann Marie's new shop, The Nanny School. We were asked to go to a Mommy and Me class there because Your LA a local TV show of channel 4 was doing a story on them. Libs was the youngest in the class and she did really well. Everyone was commenting on how cute she was-- we know that! The camera man seemed to really like her too-- I think they got a bunch of shots of us.

The store is nice-- they have a large play area with toys (that's where they do the Mommy and Me groups), a nursery, and an art room. They also had Bridget's picture in the hallways as art work. It was bright and cute and the kids who were there seemed to have a ball.

Tonight we will have hamburgers and a blooming onion (if I can get it to work-- it's a Paula Dean recipe.) Hopefully we will go to bed early, because I'm tired.

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