Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday night at Aunt Andrea's house

Tonight we met up with Aunt Andrea, Grammy and Grampy at Aunt Andrea's house. We ate some yummy pizza and then the fun began!!!Aunt Andrea has so many fun toys. She brought out her Airzooka, which shoots blasts of air in peoples faces.Libi thought it was the most fun thing ever!! She kept saying, "Daddy's turn, Grampy's turn, Libi's turn" telling Andrea who should get the blast next.Next we tried Dance, Dance Revolution-- even Grammy and Mommy did it!!!Daddy and Aunt Andrea were by far the best at the game, but Libs had fun with the music and the mat.We ended the night playing a Taboo game called Kabooki which was very fun! My first Wii experience was super fun--- I think we'll need a Wii at home :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

A musical day....

Fridays are our new music days. Mommy looks forward to them almost as much as Libi. Today our class began late, but was full of lots of friends.We got to use pool noodles as horses for the song "Old Joe." Amazingly the kids didn't use them as weapons! It was hilarious to see all of the kids watching themselves in the mirror while they danced with them.We ended with bubbles, probably Libi's favorite part of music. Today she decided to eat her bubbles-- at least her mouth is REALLY clean!!!

This afternoon before nap time Libs and I were sitting on the sofa and she began to rub my cheek. She then looks me in the eye and says "Easy, easy Silvermist's got you!" This is a line from the Tinkerbell movie-- I guess we have been watching it a lot! Little Missy has my useless tallent for memorizing dialog from movies and TV.When Daddy got home the two buddies went out to get the mail. Somehow Libi managed to climg into Daddy's car and go for a spin! Won't she love this picture on her 16th Birthday cake???

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Libi's 26th trip to Disneyland

This morning we drove down to Disneyland to meet up with one of my friends from the Disney online club. On the drive down Libi kept asking for pictures with various characters including Goofy, Mickey, Tinkerbell, and Tigger. Mommy was a bit miffed that her friend stood her up, but we saw Goofy right away and that lifted both our spirits!
To our delight Mary Poppins and Bert walked right in front of us so we followed them for a photo op. We got to spend a lot of time talking with them, showing them Tinkerbell, and giving hugs.Then we were off to Pixie Hollow where Libi got to see Tink's shoes up close. We were so blessed to have a ton of time to chat with Miss Bell. We also got to see Silvermist again-- but alas no Bobble, Clank or Fairy Mary. I tried to give Libi the heads up that they wouldn't be there, but she wasn't too upset about it.Next we were off to Toontown to see the Mouse. Libi again showed her Tinkerbell off and spent some time showing Mickey his nose and ears.To get some oogies out we went to Goofy's house to the play yard. Miss wild-child loved the slide and the water hose-- Mommy loved the chance to stop being a pack mule and sit down.Our next activity was a first for us-- we went to the Princess Faire to see the princesses. We were lucky enough to see:Ariel, Jazmine,and Aurora! It was so nice to have the girls sit on the floor and chat with Libi. She showed them Tinkerbell-- and even offered to leave her with Ariel-- chatted about the horses on their backdrops, and blew them kisses.

It was great for me to realize that I can do Disneyland alone with an active toddler, but it is way more fun with Daddy!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A busy Wednesday.

This morning we went to the park for a Mom's Club membership meeting. Libs was most interested by the branch she found on the ground and the books people brought for the book exchange. It was nice to be outside in the brisk January air for a bit then it was off to Nana and Pops.While Pop wasn't looking at Ralphs Nana stole a bunch of stickers for Libs. She says that she told the box boy she was taking them for her great-granddaughter but she wasn't sure he believed her. Libs enjoyed sticking them on Nana, Pop, Mommy and her coloring book.Libi and Nana had fun playing together, as always! Today they colored, banged on tins, and watched Elmo.For Libs 2nd Birthday Nana and Pop got Libi her first tricycle. They had it all set up for her last week, but the first one was too small. Today she got to test out the big girl tricycle. She had a little trouble with the pedals, but she loved being pushed around. Tonight at Skipper Club there was a rock and mineral display. Libs enjoyed the magnifying glasses and seeing all the sparkly rocks.Ron lead a great game with the kids, hula hoops and tennis balls. Watching 2 and 3 year olds throw tennis balls was a great fun. Ron did a great job fascilitating-- I think he was only hit a few times. Libi had some difficulty with the terms "inside the hoop" and "pair up with a partner" but she was smiling when it was over!Tomorrow we will run down to Disneyland to meet up with a friend from my online scrapbook group.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Cut Above

This morning we got to sleep in a bit-- which was heavenly! After a quick breakfast Libs hopped into the tubby and entertained me with her xylophone music. She was very excited to go see Cassie to get her hair done.Today she wore her candy outfit from Jammy and Granpa. She was thrilled that the mittens had "candy canes" on them. When I pointed out that they were lollipops she said, "Doctor lollipops" beacause the only place she gets lollipops is from Dr. Vashistha.She asked for her picture with the Wiggles-- note the big red car on the TV-- and Tinkerbell before we left.Mommy of course obliged-- it is part of my New Year's "resolution" to take at least one photo a day. Then we threw the camera and Libi in the car and went to get our hair done.

When we got to Margarita's (my hair salon) Libs ran into the place and called "Cassie, Cassie HAIR!!!" She ran up to her chair, pulled off her hat and kind of demanded that she get her hair done. Cassie was finishing up with Carole Lombard-- who says "Hi!" to Mom-- then she got down to business with Libs. She was a great client, even if she was a bit fidgety. She was so happy getting her bangs cut so she would look pretty like Tinkerbell! After she was done I threw on Tink on Grammy's portable DVD player-- thanks Cris for letting me borrow it-- and it was my turn! I now have a much shorter haircut and my bangs are back to being manageable!!!

Now we are home and Libs is napping. Mommy is getting ready to go out to dinner with Amy to celebrate her Birthday-- even if it is much belated! Libi is saving her energy to play with Ben and Emma and maybe Howard too!

Monday, January 26, 2009

A peaceful Monday

Today we had the pleasure of staying home for most of the day! I used the opportunity to get loads of laundry and straighten up the house.

This evening I was able to have some Mommy time and scrapbook with my girlfriends. Libs and Ron went to visit Grammy and Grampy.While she was at their house Libi got to play with Gizmo, Aunt Andrea's chihuahua. It seems that they took to each other very well, as eveidenced by this photo where they appear to be dancing!What a nice way to spend a Monday! Life is good!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The day after the party...

Last night at dinner Libi was chatting away, as she does whenever there is silence, and she did the cutest thing. She said "Goofy, ha-uk ha-uk!" At first we weren't sure what she was doing but then we realized she was doing her first impression. It was good for a laugh from all of us, so now she does it often.

Today we had a nice, quiet day at the house. We had to say goodbye to Jammy and Granpa this morning, but it is heaven to get back to a "normal" routine.

Miss Libs has been enjoying all of her new books and toys. She especially is enthralled with the Mickey Mouse book from the Strassners and the Peek-a-boo books from Uncle Charlie.Tonight we put Libi into her first ever nightgown. She loves mugging for her reflection in the sliding glass door. She sings and talks to the girl in the mirror and shows her anything new we get during the day. It makes Mommy smile because it's very much like Anne of Green Gables with her window friend, Katie. I hope that she enjoys that story as much as I do one day ;)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Libi's party

Today we celebrated Liliana's second birthday with friends and family.Little Missy was dressed all in a Tinkerbell green dress and leggings. We accented the look with a Tink tiara (Mommy wore one too) and fairy shoes. Just to stress the point that this party was to celebrate the big 0-2 she showed Jammy with her fingers her age.As usual, I got too much food but I don't think anyone left hungry :) We enjoyed sandwiches, chips, fruit, and of course CAKE!!!As part of our ode to the Strassners, Tinkerbell popped out of this cake. I accidentally forgot to put her arms up like the infamous stripper cake, but it was the same idea. Libs was all ready to blow out her candles, but she still isn't a huge fan of so many folks singing to her.The one thing there is no doubt about is that she loves to eat her cake. Today she also indulged in a sucker-- which is really a treat since she usually only gets them from Doctor.She gots lots of amazing gifts: books, Tinkerbell stuff, an Eeyore rocking horse, clothes, and this hat and mitten set

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another busy day!

This morning we returned to music class with Ms. Moira.Jammy and Granpa came to watch the class before their doctor's appointments. There are lots of new friends in the Friday class.We did lots of familiar things: played bells and sticks, had scarf time, and we blew bubbles!After class we drove over to Rio Norte to see Ron (and all of our other friends there!) Libs was so excited to see her Daddy and I think Ron was happy to show her off.Miss Libs feels right at home in a classroom-- I guess that's what happens when both your parents are teachers :) It did make me a little sad to see her in the big desk-- she won't look so little for long.On this very rainy day Miss Libs found it very fun to dance around in the puddles. She also enjoyed the big red balloons that the local housing development had to attract folks to their houses. There were two of them... one to her left and one to her right... she kept dancing and pointing at them.After a nap it was off to Nana and Pop's house for dinner. They had balloons ready to celebrate Libs birthday and she thoroughly enjoyed them!The Birthday girl got silly with some tuna cans and a box on her head-- luckily Jammy had the camera ready!To show off her dancing skills I YouTubed the Wiggles and off she went. She is quite the bum shaker!Nana and Pop had never seen the Wiggles, so Libs had to share the joy!To cap off a fun visit, Nana served up her world famous cupcakes with a special candle for Libs to blow. She is really getting the hang of this Birthday thing!